The Malady of Killing

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This poem has been directly influenced by the the series of terrorist attacks that have happened. Recently, Manchester was bombed and Kabul got attacked. Why do we live on such a beautiful planet and yet such an ugly world?

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



He runs as fast as his legs can grant

And as far as destiny takes him.

He runs from what he calls home

For he saw his sister being dragged like a rag

And his parents take a bullet to their hearts.

His home was crumbling beneath his feet 

His beloved nation was being set ablaze.

Violence, my friend, is a malady

Terrorism is when it become incurable.

It has no religion, no nationality

No borders, no face.

Its reason so inscrutable. 

This fathomless world scares me.

When he stands at your door,

Please let him in

For he is the underdog, not the oppressor.

With fear as his companion, he will sleep

The screams of his family will ring in his ears for years to come. 

The images will haunt his little heart for a lifetime.

Oh, won't you cease?

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