Life after Death

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Those who believe in religion outnumber those who don’t but very few people have unwavering faith that death is merely a pause and life continues after death.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



There is no precise data as to how many people actually believe in the afterlife as the assumption that all those who follow a religion have faith in life after death is improbable. Many people have doubts in their minds because there is no empirical evidence substantiating the concept. Those who believe in religion outnumber those who don’t but very few people have unwavering faith that death is merely a pause and life continues after death, that is the first group. The second group comprises those who have no faith in any religion and they don't buy the idea that life continues after their physical abode perishes. The third group has many believers, the gang of the doubtful and they are many, without realizing the fact that they do not actually believe in the hereafter, though they think they do. The first group believes in it, the second group doesn’t and the third has doubts. The first category followers need no guidance as their faith is solid. Those who don’t are not interested to find out if their belief is unfounded or otherwise but those who have doubts are the ones who need to be guided and the effort is focused on them.

I have tried to explain the concept in my previous articles and I will try to explain it a bit further here. You must have read that in order to be successful, keep the end in mind as that approach helps you maintain your focus and attain your goals by avoiding waste and by creating value in life. Let’s follow the reverse engineering concept here and expand it even further to grasp the very basics by answering these apparently simple questions.

  • What is a system?
  • What is an accident?
  • What is life? Does it end or it continues?
  • What is instinct and why do different species behave in exactly the same manner?
  • What are the physical laws and why they remain constant?
  • What are patterns and what do they signify?
  • How do we record sounds and capture images and what does that imply?
  • What is the universal language?
  • Why do some animals smell danger?
  • What is evolution?
  • What is the natural balance and why is it maintained?
  • Why is there impeccable order in the universe?
  • Is there a bond among species and celestial bodies or they are independent?
  • How was the universe created?
  • Why was the universe created?
  • Why only one planet is inhabited among countless other planets scattered in the universe?
  • What is time and does it end at some point?
  • Why are Homo sapiens so different from the other species of Nature?
  • If all that is there started from an accident then what is the end?
  • If all that is there was created on purpose then why and what is the end?

The answers to these questions require at least a few hundred pages to offer any credible explanation but let’s summarize all this to try to present a plausible case to our friends with swaying beliefs.

A kitten separated from other cats at birth always, I repeat, always acts in the exact same manner in given situations as a cat should behave because it has been coded accordingly, a program written for her kind and replicated over and over. What other explanation do you have?

You won’t believe if a person tells you that their office has a new system that controls almost everything, from their card swipe access management system to payroll and from coffee dispensing machines to data compilation in real time and surprisingly it just emerged or it evolved on its own. If you don’t believe that then why do you believe that the entire galactic system was created after an accident and species evolve on their own? Remember, accidents result in a jumble, chaos and decay whereas development results in order and growth. The accidents are unplanned and uncontrolled whereas development is always planned and controlled. Accidents happen due to lack of something and loss of control whereas development takes place because someone has an an objective, a clear plan and ensures controlled execution.

Physical laws don’t change if you travel from one city to another or from one planet to another or for that matter from one galaxy to another galaxy. Why is that? Don’t you think for a while that mere existence of physical laws denote that there is a force that has created those laws and is actively involved in ensuring that they are not violated? From a logical perspective you know it makes sense. There is someone out there.

If someone has created all this and he sees us in real time but we can’t then the question arises why. Why can’t we see him when we have all the senses and means available? Now imagine you create a program and the characters that you have created are given some degree of intelligence and they believe they are real, they can think and act on their own, the height of programming sophistication. If that is the case, will they be able to see you while you are right in front of them? The answer is that it will only be possible when the programmer will create a partition or will remove it enabling you to see him. In religious scriptures you read that your creator sees you all the time but you can’t see him. Does it make some sense now?

The programmer can make the characters perish in one simulation but can revive them in another. Is that something beyond comprehension or it appears to be a normal feat for the accomplished programmer? If we die, in other words the character’s role ends in this episode does that mean the character perishes for good? No, in this context the journey continues. The Norton antivirus copy when destroyed can be replaced, simple logic. Why, because it is saved elsewhere.

We invented gadgets that help us record sounds and capture images that we can retrieve and play anytime then why do we have doubts when the creator says that all shall be revealed on the judgment day? What’s the big deal, again, simple logic?

Have firm faith in the afterlife and in your creator with unshakeable conviction for that is a condition we all must fulfill. Remind yourself of that fact all the time and do not fear death. Just be a nice person, make positive contribution and trust me you’ll be better off in the afterlife. The capabilities of your creator are far beyond your sanest comprehension.

Faith protects you from obscurity, and remember “As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.”


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