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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Name : Sajjad Shahryar
Date: 1st july 1995
Country :Bangladesh

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



A simple day for a simple boy.

But he never think simple about himself. Always, speciality grow in his thinking world. He choose the best, he take the best and at last he get a reason to think that he is simple. He is like all the man walking the road.

Why rose blossom, why it tears off . Like our life. Like his life.
Oh, i forget, My mistake .

We all sleep. And in sleep sometimes we see some unseen . We call them dream. And some special dream come when we are not in sleep even not in bed.

The boy saw a rose in a very affectionate way that he forgot the very truth. The truth about rose, the truth about the one who grow it and the truth about his own. What if rose never tear off from its tree!


One very special day, the boy wanted the rose, that special rose. So he planned. Planned again.


And he went to the tree where the rose had blossomed. He ,with some water in his both hand , got close in the tree. And when the owner of tree saw this, Got much anger and pushed him untill he went out of sight.
So, A heart broke,

Then many time he tried to get that rose. 

Ohh! He got a chance.
And he told how much he wanted it, how much he could sacrifice and how much he could love. And rose has no ear.


But that simple special boy tried and tried untill all the way closed. And...

At last...

The boy hear from that rose tree, rose grow with very care that you couldnot imagine, Who choice the rose, you could never afford, And rose has love only with its buyer not with its lover.

And he heard it. And he sat on the ground on his knee. Took a knife in his both hand from his pocket, and cut down the tree of the rose. And he entered his knife into his belly also. And he lied down and gradually. He opened his eyes . And heard " love is for those who can achieve it with his hand ,not his emotion or failure"

And he Died with smile and said, "Love has no death"....

© Copyright 2018 Sajjad Shahryar. All rights reserved.

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