War of Enrail

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of a dark past when two powerful brothers turn from allies to enemies.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Beyond the valley of Enrail, through the caves of Terenos and past the forest of Henrose lied Almanek; the secret village of the spellcasters.

A calm, comforting place. Built on the belief of peace and harmony. Protected from all outside troubles by the grand wizards. They created this barrier long ago and for hundreds of years this village has flourished with life. Green meadows, marble houses and trees of all kinds grew here. The lake, purest of all waters, has never seen a taint of blood or battle. The sun shined on this village everyday allowing farmers and picketers to collect crops. They did not need rain. For the 4 masters of the elements allowed for perfect harvest.

Rish: Master of fire. Allowing heat and warmth to all villagers.

Aga: Master of water. To allow perfect growth of crops and so the river never runs dry.

Leino: Master of air. Creating soothing breezes on hot days during the warm season.

Geiza: Master of earth. Flattening the land to allow crops to grow and to expand the village.

However, times have changed. Wars have begun. The presence of darkness, rising in all the territories for in the valley of Enrail lies the darkest of all beings. Ferlung, a dragon with unmatched power of darkness and magic. He was the one who create us all.

It all started with the land. A quiet land filled with life. 

Ferlung took advantage to create a perfect being. Ones who can live with no wars, ones who can defend themselves from the fiends of the west. He called them Meldanes. Beings with the power to shift into different forms to adapt to certain conditions. These beings were perfect and fought off the fiends of the west. Pushing them back until they controlled most of the land.

For many years things worked out perfectly in Ferlung’s favour. They worshipped him and in return he gave them two new beings. One with less power known as the spellcasters as well as elves. 

The magicians had the power to control elements and wildlife around them and the elves were perfect with a bow and graceful with a sword.

As before peace was kept throughout the land. The spellcasters, elves and Meldanes kept peace. Keeping the fiends and horrid beasts from the west at bay.

Many more years have passed. Ferlung began to be questioned of his authority and status as ruler of all. Angered by what the master of the Meldanes said he quickly gave up some power and gave birth to 2 younglings. 

The first, Ishrak was a test to see what can be produced by Ferlung. Ishrak was a dark creature. As a dragon he was black with red eyes and had a long horned tail. His teeth, crooked and sharp. His mane torn and severed.

Ferlung wasn’t too pleased with this result and took more care is creating his second child. 

This child was different. He had blue eyes and a golden mane. His tail was long and perfectly scaled. No imperfections. He had teeth sharp and straight with a hooked horn on the side of his head. 

Ferlung, pleased with what he had created called him Mace. A living weapon.

The two brothers grew up and learned the ways of the different people. They learned to trust, to battle, to defend and to care for others. Mace and Ishrak quickly became saviors. They were too powerful and with the guidance of their father the two of them became known across the land.

The wars were shorter. The fiends, quickly losing numbers began to hide for all they heard were the names “Mace and Ishrak”.

They had to think fast. For days they planned to take down Mace and Ishrak when finally one fiend spoke up. His name was Crawle. A fiend sorcerer.

Crawle believed that instead of focusing of the brothers that their father, Ferlung was a much easier target. If he could get close enough to Ferlung he would be able to turn his mind. Instead of creation, Ferlung would destroy.

Crawle planned the assault. He decided to send a party of fiends to raid a nearby supply hut so he would have a chance to go unnoticed to the caverns of Eisershren where Ferlung rested.

When darkness fell across the valley, the fiends swiftly moved to commence the raid. They quietly moved through the night, making no sounds until they reached the hut. Here they began to make some noise. Waking the surrounding elves, spellcasters and meldanes. The assault of the hut has begun.

The fiends sent out close to 400 fiends to attack in hopes to buy time for Crawle to escape unnoticed. Mace and Ishrak responded quickly to the assault. Easily defeating the hoard of fiends. They told everyone to return to their posts and get rest but just as they turned a fiend called out to Mace “Hey you. Wretched breath, i’m talking to you.”

Mace turned around to see a fiend soldier bleeding, an arrow in his chest and a dagger in his arm. “Speak you fiend.”

“Ferlung... is... ours...” The fiend spat out blood, coughing and choking.

“You have lost your mind fiend. What a waste of a good dagger.” Mace said laughing. 

At that moment, the ground began to shake. 

The few fiends who remained began to laugh. Shrieking a name. The name of Crawle. Distressed the troops of elves and Meldanes cowered into a circle.

“Hold your ground.” Mace says. “They can’t defeat us.”

The fiend spat out “We cannot... but... your father can.”

The ground continued to shake. It escalated to the point of knocking down towers. The huts began to fall and the Spellcasters became restless. They pointed their bows in every possible directions, waiting for some form or being to present itself and just like the earthquake came, it disappeared.

All goes quiet and still. The air light, the wind calm and no clouds in the sky to cover the 4 moons.

“Hahaha, it was but a quake my friends. This fiend has lost too much blood to know what he’s saying.” Ishrak yells to calm the forces.

“Get back to your huts and rebuild the ones that got destroyed by the quake.” Mace added.

The troops of Meldanes, Spellcasters and Elves return to their camps to rebuild the little damage that was caused. 

In this time, Mace and Ishrak looked in the distance. Looking east to the mountains. The stars gleaming white rays of light enough to see the dark caverns of the mountains. The moons light, brightened the entire valley of Enrail. The grass moving with the small gusts of wind that were created and that disappeared. 

There were no signs of life beyond the mountains which stood ways away from the valley which Mace and Ishrak stood.

After a long pause and a few glances at each other Mace spoke. “What could have caused that quake? Do you believe the fiend brother?”

“I don’t know Mace. These days my eyes are clouded. I cannot see what I used to.” Ishrak replied.

The brothers remained standing for a long period of time. Each glanced from left to right at certain points. They were sure that what the fiend spoke of was just lie. Their father wouldn’t have be easily swayed to darkness they believed. Just as they turned something struck them both. Their muscles tensed, their legs buckled and their mind wavered.

“Brother. Brother are you alright?”

“Fine. I’m fine.”

“Ishrak. Look at me. What was that?”

“It was the truth. We have nothing to fight for. The fiends shall rise up. Our father chose his side. Now I have chosen mine. Will you be with me, or against me?” Ishrak said, lifting his head.

“What are you saying brother? We fight against the fiends. We don’t fight for them. We...” Mace stopped. Petrified.

His brother, Ishrak laughed. His laugh has changed. He was no longer the Ishrak Mace knew. This was someone or something else. His eyes were darker red. His shadow was darker and his presence was no longer felt lightly. Suddenly, as if things couldn’t get worse, the troops noticed the wind disappear. The grass stood upright. The calm became darker and darker. All they heard was the piercing laughter of Ishrak. The troops prepare their weapons. They slowly moved forward. Each prayed to different gods that Ishrak was merely joking. They stood far back to not provoke the seemingly endless stream of laughter coming from Ishrak.

Mace stood still. He watched in horror as his brother fell deeper and deeper into insanity when all of a sudden another presence was sensed. A familiar one. Only it felt darker. 

The spellcasters, elves and meldanes stood in place. When suddenly one looked up and yelled. “Incoming!”

With the snap of Ishrak’s fingers. Hundred of lives were lost. A crater was formed in the ground with a heavy cloud of dust and earth which showered on top. It took a few seconds to realize what was in the crater. As Mace approached he saw his worst nightmare. Hundreds of lives taken by the one who created them.

There stood Ferlung. The creator of the lives of many took so many lives that day. With Mace astonished he ran. Ran for hours to the caves to hide from everything. All he can hear was the laughter of his brother Ishrak and the sound of all the people he could’ve saved. He decided to exile himself from the land and that was the last anyone heard of the two brothers. As for Ferlung, nobody knows the true story. Some say he was caught by the gods and was banished from the world and locked away in the valley of Enrail. Others say enough troops of Meldanes gathered to lock away his powers and bury him in the valley which caused them to perish from the land. They each believe that he was locked in the valley of Enrail. Waiting, watching and ordering the fiends to create war and to allow him to regain his strengths.


© Copyright 2020 Musky. All rights reserved.

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