Love Me Like You Do

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This is an adventure about creating a story and making it lively. I rewrote the Greek myth about Medea and Jason and combined the story with some current social issues. We tend to think women are always the victims in domestic violence while the men may be the victims as well. Some of the serious social issues, such as some domestic violence, did not get the appropriate justice or outcome, but in this story, we would see some social justice. Hopefully, this story can inspire you to think deeply about those issues I addressed and even want to make a change later. Enjoy yourself!

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Medea was born in a rich family and her family valued her as a princess, especially her grandfather Helios. To celebrate Medea’s birth, Helios held a month-long, fantastic baby booth party, which invited every resident in their neighborhood. Medea’s father Aeetes owned the wealthiest family company worldwide while her grandfather Helios inherited a large amount of money, land and mortgage from his ancestor. When Medea was still a little girl, Helios had been very fond of her; whatever Medea wanted—new toys, cute dresses or an expensive grand piano, Helios would satisfy her needs. As a spoiled girl gowning up in such a rich family, Medea bullied her siblings for toys and attentions while she pretended to be a good girl in front of Helios and Aeetes.

Medea was always the top student throughout her academics, sometimes when she did not get an A on her test, she would argue with her teachers and even threatened to fire them if they would not change her grade to A since those private schools she went to were owned by her family. Talented Medea received the offer from her dream university when she graduated from the high school, and she was so excited about her college life. She kept dreaming about her new accomplishments at university such as to expand her networking and to be president at the Student Government, but she never thought about that she might meet a guy and have a romantic relationship with him. However, to her surprise, she met Jason at an upper management course, and she fell in love with the handsome gentleman at the first sight.

It was a usual school day, Medea stared at the blackboard boringly, and she played her pencil with the annoying background music from her professor who is an old gentleman standing in front of the blackboard. Suddenly, it rained heavily, and the loud sound attracted everyone’s attention from this dry lecture. Her classmates around her were either messaging their friends or family to pick them up or looking for their car keys in their Louis Vuitton bags. Medea turned around to see the rain outside through the window’s glass, immediately, she glanced a man, sitting next to the window. Medea had seen too many handsome gentlemen, but she never met one like him. His features looked like the finest sculpture created carefully by the god, especially those dreamy eyes, staring at the rain, they were so watery and brooding that seemed like his eyes would be melted in the rains soon. The eyes kept her frozen in place.

“Why did he look so blue?” Medea muttered to herself.

Jason looked at the rain sadly because he did not bring any umbrellas. He glanced his classmates’ car keys jealously; Jason was from a middle-class family, and the company his father built was wrested by his greedy uncle Pelias since his father had been sick for a long time. After Pelias started controlling the company, Jason fell from the comfortable environment immediately to the hell. He could not afford any cars even the cheapest Ford, and Jason was not a smart student that he had to spend much more time than his friends on studies to finish the same workload. Jason thought if he attended a great university and achieved the degree, Pelias would trust his ability to run the company well then his uncle would release the power to him.

When Jason was still absorbed in his memories in the rain, he did not notice there was a girl who stared at him from the back. After class, everyone left quickly except Medea and Jason. Jason was worried about he might be late for his work later; at that time, Medea came to him and greeted.

“Hi, I’m Medea. We are taking the same class, and I noticed that you did not bring your umbrella, if you don’t mind, I would love to give you a ride.” She tried to say it politely because she did not want to make this cute boy feel embarrassed.

Jason peered at Medea who wore Chanel from head to toes and the BMW key in her hands. He was confused about that why this rich girl in front of him was willing to talk with him; he did not have anything those rich people were interested in.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you. Have a good day.” Jason decided to refuse the goodness from the strange girl, and walked away.

Medea seemed disappointed, but Jason’s refusal also arose her interest and curiosity about this handsome guy. She walked after him with a distance silently.

However, the rain was so heavy that Jason got wet quickly, and he used his backpack as a temporary umbrella on his head to avoid as much rain as possible. Suddenly, a BMW tooted at Jason. Medea rolled the window down and shouted, “Hey! Are you sure you don’t need a ride? You don’t want to be soaked through and look like a drowned rat, do you?”

Jason looked at the girl who was smiling at him; the smile was so warm and friendly for him at that time. He clenched his backpack, then the heavier and heavier rain made him say yes to Medea’s suggestion. After Jason getting on the car and giving her the address where he worked, Medea handed Jason a towel and a cup of hot chocolate. Jason held the warm cup filled hot chocolate, and the towel covering over his wet hair; he never felt so warm and beloved deeply before. Medea was like an angel who came to save him from the hell. He stared at her concentrated eyes and cautious countenance; he suddenly found out she was so cute and pretty that none would be ever compared with her. Jason can’t help to laugh out and said, “I’m Jason by the way. Thanks for giving me a ride.”

“My pleasure, Jason!” Medea responded. After passing a sharp turn, she breathed a sigh of relief, then said, “Oh, I’m Medea. Nice to meet you, Jason.”

Although the temperature outside was cold and the weather was rainy, the atmosphere inside the car was so hot and vehement. After many years, they would notice that this scene was the most unforgotten memory for them, and this adventure in the rain also triggered some affection.   

Since then, they had became really good friends; after several dates and dinners, they were in love with each other and became couples. Medea had helped Jason a lot and succeed in whatever he did; she helped Jason with his academics and encouraged him to build relations with professors and other powerful people by Medea’s networking and eloquence. In order to help Jason get his company back, Medea even abandoned her little brother and her family whose company also needed her. Jason’s uncle Pelias still claimed that Jason was too young to own the company and refused to retire from the position of CEO. Compared to Jason’s weakness, strong Medea decided to do something and forced Pelias leave. Then she connected her lawyers and discussed what to do next. However, Jason did not want to hurt anyone so he conducted nothing. On the one side, he did not want Medea to force Pelias leave; on the other side, he did not want to make Medea upset or disappointed to what he thought about. Finally, Medea kicked Pelias and his family off the company and even the state they used to live, and became the new CEO while Jason was the powerless director. Medea controlled all power even though the company was supposed to be Jason’s, but she claimed that Jason was not able to run it so she took all the power.

Even so, they got married soon and had two sons, and their marriage seemed so happiness. Jason was an irresponsible househusband who knew nothing about babysitting or housework and Medea made money to support the family. One day, after returning home from work at midnight, Medea was so drunk that she even fell down and made a great noise which awakened Jason. He went downstairs intensively holding a baseball bat.

“Who is there? Show yourself!” Jason shouted.

“Me! Your great…great wif-f-f-f-fe! Medea-a!” Medea responded loudly.

“Oh, Medea, dear! Be quite please, kids are sleeping.” Jason ran to Medea and tried to hold her to avoid her falling down again. “What is happening? Why are you so drunk? Why did you come back so late? Why did you fall down?”

Medea frowned, and staring at the baseball bat Jason holding. She tried to stand up without Jason’s help, but she fell down again.

“You did not hold me well, Jason! Do you think it’s funny to see me falling down?” Medea became hysterical, “Why are you holding such a big thing? Oh, I see. You wanted to hit me, didn’t you? You are such a jerk! I raise you and you make no money! Now, you are going to kill me! I can’t believe it!” Then Medea took off her high heels and tried to defend.

“No, no, no, honey. What are you talking about? I thought there was a thief or something, so I brought my bat.” Jason threw the baseball bat away immediately, “See? I threw it away.”

“Thief? I am a thief in your mind, right? You still blame on me and think I stole your company, right? I knew it! I knew it!” She even used her high heels to hit Jason, and Jason tried to calm her down and grab the high heels but he failed. Medea had learned Chinese Kung Fu since she was a little girl for several years, even a bunch of strong men could not beat her.

“I’m sorry, dear. I did not mean that. But calm down first, the kids…” Jason tried to explain when being hit by crazy Medea.

“I don’t care!” Medea lost her mind at all, and used the high heels to hit Jason’s head more intensively. Jason tried to defend himself by clasping his head with his arms and ran around all over the living room to prevent Medea from hitting him. But Medea caught him easily like catching a little chick, then she used her high heels as a weapon and combined Drunken Boxing to punch Jason. Soon, Jason’s head was bleedingand his face was messed up. The serious pain made him scream and keep begging Medea, but Medea did not let him go. Finally, Medea fell asleep because she was too tired and sleepy, so Jason took a breath and went to the hospital at midnight.

After that, the violence even became a common way for Medea to release pressure and bad emotions. She was a strong wife that she wanted to control everything; Medea even did not allow Jason to have more than $5 one day. Besides that, she asked Jason to report everything to her in time; anything Jason wanted to buy, anywhere he wanted to go, or anytime he wanted to leave home, Medea had to know them as well. Sometimes she was even pretty aggressive. Thus, there were always some violent arguments and even fights happening. Since Medea knew Chinese Kung Fu, Jason could not defeat her or even defend himself.

While Jason was the victim of Medea’s domestic violence, he met a sweet lady named Creusa who was totally different from his wife. Creusa was also from a rich family and her father Creon owned a company which was cooperating with Medea at that time. They fell in love quickly, and Jason wanted to use the marriage with Creusa to show his power on either sexuality or career. Jason wanted a divorce and remarried sweet Creusa, but he was too feared to mention that in front of Medea since Medea may be so emotional that conducting something crazy and violent. But at the meantime, he kept promising Creusa that he would marry her soon.

There was a Saturday afternoon, Medea went outside for an important work meeting, and Jason and their kids stayed at home as usual. Jason was busying with flirting with Creusa via messages in the living room, and one of the kids was also busying with claiming stairs. He was only one year old baby who just learned to stagger and walk; he decided to show his ability of walking in front of his elder brother who was 5 years old sitting on one step of the stairs, so he tried to walk downstairs like his elder brother. But it was an impossible task for a one-year-old baby, he somersaulted down the stairs until running into the wall. The baby cried loudly as his laid face up on the stairs immediately, and his elder brother was so scared as well then he joined his brother and cried. While Jason was really impatient about those baby noise; he thought they were just playing with each other and tried to get some attention from him. Without any looking or comforting, Jason yelled, “Shut up, boys! You are bothering me now, and that’s really annoying!”

While those two sons did not listen to their father’s words and cried louder. At this time, Medea came back and opened the door. When she looked at her baby lying on the corner of the stairs and heard crying, her heart broke.

She even did not change her shoes, rushing to the baby and holding him carefully. She petted this little baby and tried to comfort another one as well.

“Oh, my baby, what’s going on? You are the cutest baby ever, aren’t you?” Then she made a face to the kids and said lightly, “Don’t cry, baby. I am here, mommy is here. You are all right.”

Medea’s words were like magic, those two kids gradually stopped crying. Finally, Jason came to them reluctantly.

“Thanks god, they finally stopped crying. My head is about to explode!” Jason complained.

Medea was so angry that her teeth even sounded some noise, but she ignored Jason first. After comforting her sons and putting them at the children’s room. Medea went downstairs to the living room, while Jason was still smirking to his phone.

“What are you doing, Jason? You are their father! But what did you do when your sons were crying?”  Medea exploded, “Did you know how tired I am? I have to work hard to raise two kids and you! But you could not even babysit well our sons! You are such a lame duck!”

Medea gave Jason a whack across the back with a baseball bat. Not allowing Jason to escape, Medea used her Chinese Kung Fu to teach him a lesson.

In order to help his dear daughter Creusa get her happiness marriage, Creon talked to Medea about the affair directly and asked Medea to leave Jason immediately if she still wanted a long-term cooperation with his company. Medea agreed at that time, and everyone except her was so happy and even celebrated together. However, the day when Jason and Creusa got engaged at a beautiful church, Medea came without any invites, and she walked directly to Creusa who was preparing for the engagement with some other ladies in a room.

“What a beautiful church, Creusa!” Medea smiled at Creusa and said, “Congratulations!”

Creusa looked at Medea who dressed up decently, “Thank you, Medea.” She touched her beautiful and white wedding dress, “Without you, I could not have such a memorable engagement with my love, Jason. Even though none invited you, I would love to let you sit here and watch our happiness moment.”

“No problems, Creusa. I am always really caring. Like now, I am coming to send you a present.” Medea took a box with a big bowknot on the top off her bag, and handed it to Creusa by her left hand. At this time, one of the ladies who left to ask for help when Medea appeared brought Creon coming.

Creon stared at the present box and Medea unbelievably, then greeted, “Oh, I did not expect that, but we would love to thank you, Medea. Your goodness brought my daughter and her lover together, so we will accept your best wishes and the present. Right, Creusa?” After hearing that, Creusa nodded. But she noticed that Medea handed the present by her left hand and kept her right hand behind her back, she asked curiously, “What did you put your right hand behind your back? Are you injured?”

Medea laughed, “No, actually, you will be injured.” Suddenly, a gun appeared on her right hand. Before anyone took any actions, Medea shot Creusa and Creon immediately. The vivid red replaced the holy white, and the beautiful fiancée became a dead body. The women there started to scream and run away from Medea, while Medea kept shooting and some of them was shot and fell. Jason and other guests heard the sound of gun shooting, so they ran to the room quickly.

“Creusa, babe, are you all right?” Jason shouting when he came in. Then the scene he saw shocked him that he could not say any words out of his mouth. His ex-wife was standing at the center of the room, just like the first time they met at the class, Medea dressed up decently and was smiling at him, differently, she was holding a gun instead of a BMW key. What nearby her feet were his fiancée Creusa and her father Creon. The blood was flowing, and the white dress became the funereal cloth.

“Hey, Jason. Do you love the present I sent for your new relationship?” Medea asked. “I hate you! You’ve ruined my life!” Then she turned to the opening window and escaped.

Jason was so sad and afraid, but he still called the police. He told the police about Medea’s violent actions including those previous domestic violence and what she did on his engagement. After one month, the police arrested her in her grandfather’s house.

Finally, Medea lived her rest of life in the jail. Then how about Jason? Jason had worked hard to raise two children, but he never accepted a new relationship in the rest of his life.

Hey wait! The story did not end yet!

After several decades, Jason aged and became badly sick. One night, he was lying on the bed while his sons and grandchildren surrounded his bed. Jason was so tired that he decided to take a nap; he closed his eyes slowly. Then he was back to the day when he was a university student. It was the raining day. He looked around and found out no one was there except a girl standing from a distance and staring at him. He was not afraid, and he had never been so brave before. He came to the lady who wore Chanel and holding a BMW key in her hand, then they smiled at each other. Thousands of pink petals were falling from the ceiling, and submerging both of them together.

 “I’m so sorry.”

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