life in a broken home

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hello everyone, this is my second short story and again i really hope you guys can relate to my feelings and emotions that i have expressed in this short story. this piece is very close to my heat and sort of an introduction to the stories i am going to be posting.

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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...Are you happyIt's amazing how this simple question creates an unsettling feeling for some people. It requires a moment of questioning. For some it creates a feeling of joy, as if the answer would slip off their tongue aany moment and a prodigious amount of vocabulary would spill right out of their mouth. If someone ever asked me that question I would think and list my life down into two groups, moments when I'm actually happy and times when life has always turned be down. Deep down I know that no matter how hard I convince myself, no matter how many lies I tell my conscience, the amount of times I would just cry all night and muffled my screams into my bruised pillow, is much larger than the times I felt actual contentment. It is not as if I have never been happy, I have, but the scale of life has always tipped the other side for me. Its not like I can help it. 

Nobody has a perfect life, challenges are everywhere. My mother always told me that I will always have to face challenges but it all depends on how I handle them. The question I asked myself was, is that true? Are we just supposed to forget all of our battle scars and place a mask on our faces twenty/four seven? I have always questioned my purpose, wondered why I was sent to this world. Whenever I asked my mom why we were such a mess and why it hurts so much, she would only say that I'm not the only one, and that’s true there are millions of people like me and that just makes this entire matter even more depressing.

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