The Spell Battle

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This is poem #4 in my Journey To The Magical Realm collection. I've been writing and creating spells ever since I learned how to spell! Oh what I wouldn't give to turn my boss into a toad, or simply make all of my college homework vanish into thin air...

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017




There’s a new magical game

With a very catchy name

It’s called The Spell Battle

And only sore losers tattle!


The only rule is to rhyme

If you don’t, you’ll pay the crime

Just sit back and watch the pros

As we keep each other on our toes


“As quick as a wink, as fast as a rat,

Turn this boy into a fat cat!” Mallarie spat.


“While I lick my fur, and try not to stir,

A snow storm shall occur!” Meikah purred.


“Sh-shivering in the c-cold, and t-trying to be b-bold,

M-make his l-last spell unt-told!”


“She’s so bright, as most people say,

But now she’ll go far far away!”


The game is over, the battle is won

“Anyone else want some?

I’m here all day if you want to try

And yes, I just might make you cry!”

© Copyright 2018 Jay Sims. All rights reserved.

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