Life of Zeroes

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New one shot. Trying to see if I can like it. I may be just delusional.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Imagination, creativity, the necessary skills to succeed, but what happens when your creativity juices are lacking, and your imagination has stopped flowing. Are your days counted? Is there no place for you in this world? Or maybe...

Every single day was the same for me. Go to school, do the work, don’t complain, ignore others, return to home, do homework, eat, sleep. The same process like a robot with a never ending command applied to it, I was trapped in an endless cycle of boredom and zero fulfillments; that was the way I’ve lived my life. Can it be stopped? It can’t, when you lack any sort of talent your life is doomed to a completely normal life without any progress. The only thing you can do is watch as others achieve their goals, become famous and millionaire, find love, fight against evil and become heroes in societies, while you’re still trying to understand quadratic equations. Even if I wanted to become like them, it is impossible because of the lack of real talent; people always say you can be whatever you want, yet they don’t say that even if you become what you want you will become the best at it. Being an average guy who struggles yet prevails on the everyday normal life can’t surpass those whose natural talent makes them shine like stars; hard work will never beat real talent.

These depressive thoughts are killing me, yet they are the only thing that comes to my mind.  Maybe I’m just delusional, and the world might become better tomorrow. With false hopes, I continue to live my life, with the hope of them becoming real.

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