the encounter

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a family moves in a new neighbourhood and one of the daughters begin noticing strange things from the house next door. read to unravel the mystery. if you can.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017





The unpacking was tedious but the excitement lingered in my heart of the exploration of our new hometown the following day. The anticipation was high and it continued to rise as I could feel the little butterflies dancing in my stomach but as of now I had to get into my bed and become acclimatized to my new room. My interest was aroused by the houses streaming down the line, one in particular situated on the right side of our house. The windows were tightly closed, the paint peeling and the fence dilapidated. My curiosity was awakened of who could be our neighbour. I dread the thought of who could be living in that house. Homely wasn’t a suitable description, perhaps macabre. On that thought I squealed. My bed shall be my pacifier and that it was, for how long I didn’t know. Quickly I sat up in bed. What just happened? Was it a dream? A nightmare I assumed.

My body was frozen, palms wet. There I sat on my bed, trying to decipher what just occurred. This had to be real and not a fragment of my imagination because it isn’t common for my mind to wander in such places, for that matter I held a vague imagination. It was impossible for this to be simply a nightmare, it was beyond that. This felt realistic. The extent of it I didn’t know as I couldn’t recall what happened but I was certain that what I encountered was surreal, it was the strangest experience of my life. I was curious of what it could be but surely refused to relive it. I glanced on the wall and the twisted clock facing me struck one. My eyes then searched the room earnestly seeking what would facilitate the answers to the abundant questions racing through my mind. There was nothing that could help but then my eyes were lead to the floor. There was my sheet cover, the one I snuggled with. What was it doing on the floor? I had to have come off the bed or something took place for the sheet to be on the floor. There was uncertainty but I was certain that my night wasn’t the anticipated first night, new home experience. I held the sheet and pulled it over my body. I was still on my bed, just lying there, eyes flickering to the ceiling. I was reassured that the day ahead would suffice for deeper exploration and revelations

Hurriedly, my sister and I ate our breakfast. The coffee was fresh and the toast was simply the best. We grabbed two bananas and a box of juice each, placed them in our bags and ran through the front door. Before I entered the car, I did glance at the eerie house next door. I wasn’t comfortable about living next door to that house but I tried to forget about it and look forward to today’s events. Mom was taking us to meet some of the people and visit some of the interesting places. It wasn’t a large village to live in but it held an affluent history we were told. I was extremely excited that the experience of the past night was ostracized in my mind. Thirty minutes passed since we were exploring the town and chatting with a few people before we became a bit hungry and desirous of sensatising our taste buds to the local cuisine. We approached a mini restaurant where a few people were eating at. We were greeted by a friendly woman, she stood at about 5 feet 3 inches, she appeared to be in her mid- thirties, she was a ravishing beauty, neatly attired and soft spoken. Her warm smile was welcoming as she escorted us to a table where she asked, “I assume you’re new in this town? Since I have never seen your faces around here, or are you visiting?” Mom quickly responded saying, “We moved here yesterday.” The woman said “Well welcome here and hope you and your family will visit Angie’s Food Palace regularly, let me get someone to cater to you.” She left us smiling and walked to the back where a young girl of brown complexion appeared. She introduced herself as Aaliyah and she took our order. It was a comfortable dining place and the food was unforgettable. As I sipped my juice, the occurrence from last night was replayed in my mind.

As it unfolded to me I had to tell my mother and sister. I began to describe what I saw. I was in my bed sleeping when I heard a noise from outside; I knew it was the window being opened. Immediately I dashed out of bed and switched on the lights but nothing was there, the room was empty but I could feel the presence of something .An ominous feeling overcame me at that moment. As I spoke of what I experienced both my mother and sister sat before me with startled expressions, they did not know what to make of what I was relating to them. I continued. After I realised there was nothing in my room I couldn’t understand what I had heard. There had to be someone or something there amidst me a few seconds ago. Curiosity led me to the window. I opened it and the cold wind hit me in my face. I was looking out, I didn’t know what I would see but what I did saw was the most astonishing sight to behold. I had never seen something like that. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. There was a ball of fire rolling in the sky, heading towards the house over the other side of the street. I was amazed, befuddled, scared altogether. Both my mother and sister were in awe of what I said, they were in complete disbelief and they claimed that it was a nightmare or just my imagination running away with me. I told them it was neither and that I actually felt and saw this thing. Mom told me that it sounds like the mythical being ‘Old Higue,’ an old woman who wanders at night in search of human blood. Upon hearing this I swallowed hard.

Sitting at the table beside us was an elderly man. He overheard what we were saying and he approached our table asking if he could sit and talk with us. He told us about the experiences of people in the village, their encounters with ‘Old Higue.’ Mr. Freeman spoke of his encounters as well and said that it’s a Caribbean folklore but he believes it is true. He enlightened us on the ways of restricting the ‘Old Higue’ from entering the house by marking an ‘x’ on our windows with chalk or placing rice at the doors. He said that before the ‘Old Higue’ dies she transfers her trait to a relative or someone close to her to continue doing what she did. Mr. Freeman left our presence telling us that we should be more careful as it has been said that the ‘Ol Higue’ lives nearby to our house. We thought that this was just another old man, messed up in the head trying to scare us away from the village but we still believed there was some truth to all he said especially me as I had the strange encounter.

Returning home I had so many questions, mom attempted to answer some but failed to answer all. Mr. Freeman did assist us by sharing his knowledge. I enquired of our neighbour on the right but mom knew little except that she was an old woman living there by herself and her name was Sheila. As I entered the yard I glanced at the old house and I was certain that someone drew the curtain to peek at us. I couldn’t see the person’s face but eyes I did see. That night we were prepared with our rice at the doors and the mark on our windows. Fortunately nothing happened. Maybe ‘Old Higue’ took a rest that night or she was scared away.

A month passed and we grew accustomed to our new home and new environment. We had grown to love the place; however, we still knew little of our mysterious neighbour Sheila. We only knew she was ailing over the past three weeks as her niece came by everyday to take care of her. Her name was Maryann, she was tall, quiet and pale. It wasn’t long before Sheila passed on. We attended her very unusual funeral. There were only a few people present, three family members inclusive of Maryann and a few neighbours. The following week to my surprise, Maryann exited a truck taking in a few boxes and a suitcase among other items into the house. Our eyes met and she smiled saying, “hey new neighbour.” Her smile was strange, she was strange. She was in the best mood I ever saw her in but that smile held some mystery. One I never solved fortunately or unfortunately as dad’s workplace was relocated and we had to move after living at the most intriguing place we ever lived at for only two months. That smile still strikes fear and worry in my mind to this day. The haunting.




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