An unnatural Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Elmak is caught between a race of two incredible beings. One wanting to save his mind, the other wanting to take it.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



The land is peaceful, the water flows slowly. The trees are tall and endless. The moss covers all and the boulders are shattered.

Here is my dream land.

A marsh or forest. Eh, I’m not sure what yet. I'll use marsh as it looks more like one. This is the place that my memories are hidden. Lurking in the trees but always too far. A presence is unknown.

The sun never shines here but it’s rays pierce the leaves as a knife would flesh.

The light of the marsh. It’s beautiful. Looking into the water you see no bottom but you feel at ease.

In this marsh it’s lively yet nothing lives. It’s only me.

Cast away. Lost from all living things. I search for the answers. The answers lie in the trees. In the life around me.

My name is Elmak. I have been in this land for years searching for answers to my past which I have forgotten.

In this forest they say lies the secrets to uncovering what I have lost and to find where I came from.

I’ve been here for years though and not a single hint has come up and it’s starting to piss me off knowing that I could never find an answer.

I walk around yet again. Following the windy path that was create years ago from my constant walking in the same direction.

The sun doesn’t shine here but the rays of light hit the surface of everything and to be honest it gives it an added gloominess to the marsh.

I continue to walk around. Looking behind trees and big boulders. When suddenly out of the mist I come in contact with the place I feared most. 

This is the dark end of the forest, or the west end as my compass points out.

The sun doesn’t shine here and the trees surrounding the area are darker and have died a long time ago. 

I hear it’s haunted. That the darkness holds a power so fierce no being has decided to enter it. Of course it’s only a dream so I’m the only one.

Being scared was my life as a kid and since I seemed to have a small death wish of some kind I decided what the hell, let’s go and see if some answers can be revealed. Thank you. For understanding the stupidity I have acquired over the years because the minute I set foot into that place I regret my decision. 

The energy was drained from me. I felt hopeless and lost as a child. All existence seemed to run away when I entered this dark forest.

I continue walking for quite some time. Admiring the trees and the moss that has built up after all these years.

Suddenly I’m scared to death by a hand!

Someone was around and I thought to myself “It’s only a dream...”

I was petrified. My life flashing before my eyes as I turn around ready to just run like hell.

To my surprise though, it was an old friend of mine. A being named Mace. He looks exactly like me but with darker blue eyes and much stronger. We called ourselves twins because that’s what we were. Now I understand it’s confusing since I said that i’m alone. However, Mace doesn’t count as other living beings.

He’s been around the dreamworld for a while as well. We sometimes searched for answers as to where he came from and how he came into existence because my brother doesn’t look a thing like me in reality.

Sadly, just like some of my memories, we never find anything. We search and search and search. That’s the main reason why I decided to enter this dark place in the first place. To see if I could find an answer as to who I am or find some memories that have escaped my mind.

Believe me this freaks me out of my mind. I’m worried that i’ll find something that shouldn’t be found. 

“Don’t worry Elmak. It’s just you and I. We will find out the truth about everything if we keep searching.” Mace says trying to reassure me.

“I hope you are right Mace. I don’t think I can handle finding something crazy in this neck of the woods.”

“Cheer up dufus. It’s only us in these woods. It’s your dream. You should know everything that goes on in it.” He says reassuringly.

That was enough to reassure that nothing will happen. It’s true. I forgot it was my dream. I could probably fly if I chose to. I can lift mountains and run like the wind.

I can do everything and anything in my dream. So why do I feel so trapped?

Like the air in my lungs is constantly being compressed out of me. Like a fat Fiend sitting on my chest.

If I would’ve created something dark and sinister I would know. Mace is quite insightful when it comes to these sort of things and I’m grateful he can be around.

However, this feeling is slipped away when I see a figure.

Not just any figure but a dark figure. A figure with red eyes, tall as anything and muscular like a body builder.

My sense of security is drained. It’s not even a Spellcaster. No spellcaster can be that tall or large. It’s as if a Drac(Elite warriors) decided to take 3 crates of steroids and work out 34/6. No, even then it wouldn’t compare. This being, standing in front of Mace and I was from elsewhere.

I decided to ask casually who he is. “Hey Drac..., what’s up?(I chose Drac for safety as it closely resembled one.) Who are you and where do you come from?”

He responds almost immediately which caught me off guard because I thought it would be a standoff where he doesn’t talk and just tries to kill us. Actually I wish that’s how simple it would’ve been.

The figure using his raspy voice of knives on steel answered “My name is Ishrak. I have come for your mind.”

“Well you can’t have it you phony little runt. What type of a name is Ishrak anyways?.” “Stay behind me Elmak. This is no ordinary Drac (ahh... so I was correct), this is my brother.” Mace replies, coming to my defense.

All Ishrak does is chuckle. 

I was confused as anything. Also I wanted it to be fake. I wanted this to be a dream in the dream because it was too real. The fear I felt was unlike anything else and I almost cried.

Ishrak laughs.

He’s amused by our fear and takes good advantage. 

“I’ll prove to you. Just how powerful the powers of darkness are.” He says.

With one swift movement, Ishrak goes from being 50 feet away to appearing right in front of me. He sends a punch flying to my face which I couldn’t even see or detect.

My eyes close but the hit never lands. I open my eyes to find Mace’s hand in front of my face.

Mace, shaking holds back Ishrak’s fist from reaching my face and he pushes him back.

Mace says while stuttering “Get out of here Elmak, this isn’t a place for you.”

Mace turns around and looks at Ishrak.

“You shouldn’t have shown your face here demon.”

“Quite the contrary. You should know your place brother.”

With that all goes silent.

The quiet is infectious for nothing moves but the tension between the two of them is unimaginable.

After a short time Ishrak takes a step.

Suddenly the ground shakes as they are both interlocked pushing against each other with all their force. The ground shatters under the pressure.

Punches being thrown at speeds that I cannot keep up with. They are almost invisible. They interlock fists again and the ground shatters beneath their feet yet again.

The shear power they each hold makes my heart sink. For I cannot help.

Suddenly Mace’s voice enters my head again. Telling me to run and hide. 

Knowing the power they each hold I decide that it’s the best thing to stay alive.

I run for what seems as hours, never glancing back for a second.

I stop for a moment to catch my breath but suddenly a large weight seems to be pressed against my shoulders. I pass out without knowing what was going on.

However, when my eyes open I’m home again. Looking up to my ceiling, panting.

“Elmak, hurry up you’re going to miss the hareiot to Enrail.” Calls a voice from the other room.

“Coming Ranto”. 

This is my home. A small hut at the top of the mountain in Almanek. The secret village of the spellcasters.

© Copyright 2020 Musky. All rights reserved.

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