Cave Man Dance

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Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



cave man dance


we are


so far


I wander at best

striking ego

learning self (test)


small dance, go

in growing darkness

'neath moonlight I grow


hope is a weapon

and peace, the tool

mind the armageddon (fool)


for years, perfection sought

nearly a decade with elation;

now the smoke and fire fraught

drive ancient moment to relation


in humid jungle air, a woman fair

strength of sinew and rebounding too-

catch imagination or draw a shape

she passes through dreamscape


hear drum, flood of insect hum

feel the beat, resounding in stolid heat-

care or compassion are driving fashion

broil bone with our succulent soupcon


we have waited eons to arrive here

passing generations, overcoming fear

courage the fuel and faith our gruel-


committing to the leap

she's waiting for me

laughing in dream,

I bend a cosmic beam

(addicted, more steam)



© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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