Sighs of pen

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Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Sighs of pen and moans of ink
Made me incline to think
The words surely came 
Though by rhyme were to-tally lame
I winced at first line
Came up as if it drank some wine
'I' went north 'you' went south
Ears were shut and so the mouth
Blinked and squint and winked, the eyes
Were medi-tating the truth that lies
Once upon a time it was a burning sun
Chilled and shivered, the trust had faded and run
Tears of ink glistened the cheek
Of pen as it shouted to its peak
Sighed again, relaxed, calmed down
Gave the diary a little frown
Give me a new page, clear and white
I want to write not dark but so bright
Something is about to change here
Love me or hate me, just feel somethin' dear!
I want to hear you once again 
be it the heavy storm or heavy rain
Yeah, it feels so good to hear your voice
Isn't there no love to cherish no moment to rejoice?
So long... so long time dear, no speak
Why don't you call... it's been a week
It feels so good to see you here by my side
There's nothing beautiful because of distance wide
You stretched the time a lot dear, a lot!
Can you not even see the ink is leaving a painful blot?
I am feeling empty inside out
Can't you hear me scream and shout?
I hope you're doing fine
I hope we'll meet, maybe this poem's a sign!
I am yours and you are mine
or maybe I am yours, you be mine...

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