Life of Zeroes: School Days

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I guess now it is a two shot *badum tss*. I should kill myself for making bad puns.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



When we were little we said things like “I will become an astronaut” or “I will be a really cool superhero” but then we grow up and all those “I will” turn into “I hope I can pass my math exam”. I can surely say the happiest times I had in school was elementary school; you weren’t expected to do extraordinary on every single class or learn how to calculate the area of a pentagon inside a circle inside a hexagon, back then school was more about having fun and enjoying life. Even if you weren’t good at anything teachers still appreciated the hard work you put in your class work, you learned to be creative and to have imagination, and even though you had none, it went unnoticed by everyone.

My favorite time at school has always been recess, especially where you were at that age when people didn’t judge you over how much you ate and your body could still manage a sandwich, a granola bar, a kool-aid, a bottle of water and some gummies. The fulfillment of eating all of that was enough for me to want to give it my all at school so I could return to my house and eat even more. Now though, I can only eat an apple and a granola bar because my metabolism is so distorted that I can become a big round ball of fat for any miscalculation.

I miss my gummies, I miss chocolate cake, but I miss more the peaceful days.

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