President's Algebra

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Algebra in a poem? Good luck.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

A A A | A A A

Submitted: May 31, 2017





Dear Mr President

You must know Einstein’s formula, E = mc²

Like the grinning cat from Cheshire

With those Saudi bigwigs you agreed

To give them arms, they don’t really need

With that supercilious grin we heard you say

‘Arms equals jobs’, now in maths, that’s A = j

But the equation is flawed, anyone can see

 More correctly, A = jc² it really should be

You’re going to see, row upon row of dead in their coffins

Sir, the c in the equation is for the dead in their coffins!



But wait, perhaps there’s a mistake

Misheard the fellow, give him a break.

The word after all may have been alms

Instead of his maiming or killing firearms

So if that’s the case, I have to say

The equation A = j might stll be ok!


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