The Story of the Brother

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A short story that I am thinking about developing further but haven't decided whether or not to follow through with this plan. A story about my life and the challenges that have been presented to me.

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



Always to be compared, easily to be forgotten, these are both attributes of the Brother. His siblings have talents and skills: some have the ability to maintain a strong social life, others have athletic abilities challenging national standards, others have brains that cannot be stopped. The Brother attempts to maintain a social life, and succeeds at school, but when the school bell rings he is once again alone. The Brother has the desire to succeed athletically, yet he falls short when it comes to actual skill. The Brother is smarter than the rest he is compared to, but he hasn't the motivation to continue him on the path of success in this area either. The Brother hides his failures with a shroud that appears to say that he has mastered the art of all three of these categories, yet in reality he has achieved mastery in none. So, the Brother decides to stray apart from his siblings and create his own path, a path of musical success. The Brother strives to become better than he had been the day before, but when the time came to prove what he had accomplished; the Brother had fallen back into his place at the bottom of the heap, where he is destined for the life of failure and comparison. The Brother fears of what would become of his legacy; what will he leave behind when he is gone? As the Brother ages his idea of legacy dies down and the rains of reality extinguish the flame that once brought hope. Now, in the darkness of his own reality the Brother sits in sorrow. He hasn't a friend to call, an activity to run to, a book to escape to, or a song to sing. The Brother sits and writes what he feels, once he writes these words they become his legacy. His words create a story of the Brother and who he was, who he is, and who he always wanted to be.

Ever since the Brother was a boy he wanted to be something important in the world. He wanted to be a doctor to save lives, he wanted to be in the military to fight for his country, he wanted to be a scientist to research ways of saving the planet, he wanted to be a lawyer so that he could defend the innocent or aid in sending away the guilty. He wanted to be himself, he wanted a legacy that would last for eternity, but as he grew he realized that he had gone too far away from the path he wanted to take in his search for immortality.

Death is an odd topic to speak of; it is not physical, it's not emotional. It's not like life where that you can see something and distinguish the difference between living and inanimate. What is the difference between the dead and a rock? They both are inanimate, they both say no words, have no thoughts, you could argue that minus the materials they are made out of they are none the less the same. The body is not alive and never has been, it's the soul that does the real work. The soul is immortal if treated properly. It is to be remembered when remembrance is earned. Creating a legacy is just the immortalization of the soul; it gives us the satisfaction of knowing the after death we will not die, but just become inanimate for eternity.

So how does this connect to the Brother? Well everything in life has its' purpose. The Brother writes in an attempt to seal his legacy and to warn the Brothers that come after him. To those of you who read this (if anybody at all); think long and hard about whether you have become a Brother or a Sister. You might be asking yourself: “How do I know if I am a Brother or a Sister?” and the answer is quite simple honestly. It is more than just having a sibling, for there are numerous brothers and numerous sisters in this world who have not done (or not done) anything to earn the title of being a Brother or a Sister. And no, a Brother and Sister are not religious characters, they are just philosophical. A Brother is someone who has lost his own identity; he is hidden behind the walls of his siblings. He gets compared to them to the point where he questions whether or not he is his own person or just a relative of his relative, and at the point in time where he decides he is the relative, he also becomes a Brother.

Back to the story of the Brother. He dreamt of death in a way that glorified the idea of legacy. He knew that he was destined to die one day, so he decided he wanted to die in a way that made it so others would live. He pretended to be the hero that saved the world and he saved this world on numerous occasions. He always saved the day, got the girl, and went home barely surviving the fate of death. The ironic part was that he never died. Others had died in the process of his “legacy” but he always survived, and yet that didn't bring him any guilt. His imagination was much stronger than many of the other people he knew, but he only knew how to express it to himself. He liked to write, but he lacked the skills and the dedication to take his ideas onto paper. Writing this, the Brother still has his imagination, but it has become gray and barren. His imagination requires motivation and he had gotten to the point where motivation was long replaced with regret. Still, ideas went through his mind about how all this could change. All he needed was for one thing to happen and his life would turn around. The Brother waited and waited for this one thing that could save him from the fate that awaited him, but the event never came. Instead he wasted his time waiting for one door to open as others were being opened and closed around him.

So now the Brother sits, writing this very story that you are reading. And the brother is known as Sly, he always has been, and he always will be. He created different personalities of himself thinking that this would save him from his comparison. He decides that one personality is stronger than the others, but he never actually changes. His personality changes, his view on himself changes, but the truth is, he is still held back from himself.

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