Hell in my eyes...

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lost in love and betrayal.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Look close my love and you will see hell in my eyes.

Put there by all your burning lies.

Give me a reason to lose grip on my tongue I beg of you my bird.

I am every desire engulfed legend ever heard.


A castle in a forest of nightmares and soft moonlight.

Remember the passion, a lust of hot flesh every night.


I love your taste.

Something that I could never waste.


I was so lost in your eyes I could not see.

If I were the ocean I’d let you drown inside me.

I fed the fires of your soul and now you’ll never be the same.

Let yourself bow beneath the promise of my name.


You push against the walls of fire and scream save me.

But you’re the one holding the match baby.

You wanted desire.

You made me your fire.


Lay me down, just let me sleep.

Let me live in the memories, let them creep.

This kind of fire cannot be bought.

Hold me down in my own tears if I get too hot.




Do you hear me call your name?

Now with venom, it no longer sounds the same.

I lay in bed with such a cruel wanting.

No heavy eyes, or deep sighs, just this taunting.


Fire between the sheets and skin.

The greatest love story there ever could have been.

But I wonder if you even wanted it at all.

Like you had ripped a hole to let us sink and fall.


I thought my power had drained and I was losing the war.

I forgot what I was made of from skin to core.

I let your betrayal sting my skin till red.

I’ll be damned if you’ll ever return to this bed.


I stand with robes of silk and blood.

I should cut you down and bring a flood.

I smile now and forget my frown.

I wasn’t losing anything, I just needed a crown.















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