Fate? or Fated? [1: Introduction]

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This story is based on the life of a person found busking outside the pavement of Chinatown's New Bridge Road, close to People's Park Centre, Singapore. Whilst the main sequence of events of the life of this person Steve was true, there were parts of the story where distortions were made and fiction was allowed to step in, firstly to ensure the privacy of Steve (fictitious name, of course) and secondly to bring home several important lessons for our younger readers.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



1: Introduction

"I was never among the top of my classes during my school days," Steve started, "but I managed to obtain four GCE 'O' level subjects."

Steve was born in Johore Bahru on December 20th, 1956, the only child of his widowed mother.

Steve had always been interested in songs, music, and musical instruments especially the guitar, the saxophone, and the piano.  But his mother could not afford to send him to music lessons.  So he learned these the hardest way, by going to various nightclubs since the age of seven to listen to the bands played, often offering to carry the players' instruments and assisting in doing errands for the players.  

When at the age of ten, he was asked by a band leader to come on to the stage to replace a guitarist who was absent for the night, he hesitated.  "But, I have never played before," Steve said.  "No worries," the leader said with a smile on his face, "you just strum along.  There is another good lead guitarist alongside you, and no one will notice that Tom is absent.  Besides, you are just as tall as Tom and you simply put on this set of his clothes and proceed on."

That how Steve started his musical career at the tender age of ten. 

Fast forward another eight years and Steve was then in Singapore, following the same band leader Ed and by then, Steve had mastered not only the guitar but also the piano and the saxophone - all through playing and listening, not through any formal lesson.  His mother had died of cancer when he was thirteen and Ed was the one who smuggled him into the City State, Singapore, which was then part of Malaysia.

Unfortunately, his schoolwork was nothing to be proud of.  Ed, who was ten years older than Steve had organized for him to be adopted by a pair of Chinese unmarried sisters as their only brother to continue the Soh surname.  He finished his secondary education at Upper Aljunied Secondary School and, like all Singaporeans of his vintage, he was conscripted to do his two years national service.

Then, twenty years on, Steve was married, had two children - daughter Margaret (Marge) and son Patrick (Pat).  His wife, Mary, was his idol, following him as he moved from one nightclub to another.  Steve subsequently married Mary and had her joined him to sing in the six-persons band he formed called "The Sensational Six".  He was the regular lead singer cum base guitarist and he earned quite a fair amount of money running such a tightly knitted group.

At fifty-eight years of age, which is another twenty years on, Steve was declared bankrupt.  Mary had left him years before, taking Marge and Pat with her.  The children had always sided their mother in any argument Steve had with Mary.  Penniless, alone and homeless, he now depended on the charitable crowd who listened to his songs, as he sang at the pavements of several of his favorite locations - Orchard Road, Chinatown, Raffles Place, Marina Bay and Sentosa.

One of his best songs that he translated from the theme song of a famous Cantonese drama series from Hong Kong entitled "Chameleon" went like this:

It’s hard to anticipate

What’s up any minute?

You can lose as much as you can make,

What then is your take?

Even if you just contemplate

A life that’s simple and straight,

One day you’ll find yourself

Surprised at what’s in the wake.


It’s not just what you think

Life’s just a funny thing;

Even if you are the very King

You’ll need His link!

Because you cannot do everything

Without His very Blessing

So just keep remembering

The Lord can just make you blink!

He renamed this song as "The Fate of Our Future" and the tune of the song could be found in the following posting found on YouTube:




[Read the web page: http://www.u-write-read.com/2017/03/19/the-future/ as well]

[Make sure you come back to read my next chapter in this very interesting life story of Steve Soh.]


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