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October 6, 2008. Bitter memories.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Life has taught me a valuable lesson that I cannot disregard,

but pain has squeezed me so tight; it has left my body scarred.

Now my loved one has a pursued a path of his own,

and I am just battling to gain my control.

And now you see the ravages and what is left of me,

a writer with the mind hoping to succeed.

I can hardly keep my head still and my hand trembles while I write,

but all that is racing through my mind is 'try with all your might'.

I am being forced to eat as I reluctantly have let,

what keeps my stomach from craving is all the hurt that I've been fed.

The laughter in my face is what I'm trying to redeem,

but lately it's so hard that impossible it seems.

The ravages of my heart will provide people with the notion of my loss,

but I will not give up until happiness I cross.

But with God as my helper and life as my witness,

my heart will be immaculate it'll be remarkable the neatness.

Because every ruin will be fixed and the wind will blow at my direction,

time will drink my pain and I'll have a positive expression.

But now it will be difficult to get out of this cold cell,

especially when I've been imprisoned in this custom's hell.

The rhythm of the days will make up for my damages,

and so they will contribute to reconstruct the ravages.


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