Summer Popcorn Storms!

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Typical weather in Texas in the summertime, as spring transitions into summer.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Looks like it is going to shape up to be a nice day today: skies are partly cloudy, with temperatures forecasted to be in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees, with a chance of afternoon and evening "garden variety", or "popcorn" thunderstorms, which will bring wind, small hail, and heavy rainfall.  The storms could be slow moving.  But by sunset and as the temperatures start to cool at the end of the day, the storms will disappate; then we can have the same thing happen all over again during the course of the next few days.

Typical Texas summertime weather.  At least the tornado threat and the threat for severe storms is lessening as the spring season transitions into summer.  We did have a lot of storms this spring, with wind, hail, and yes, even a few tornadoes, including one that smacked the city where I live (Canton); after the tornadoes we had last month, I'm more than ready for a break!  Had some damage to my home; still staying with friends until repairs can be finished.  At least nobody in my immediate family or circle of friends was seriously injured or killed; but some of us did have some damage.  Could have been far worse; grateful things weren't.

But even despite the chance of thunderstorms, the rain shouldn't really dampen any plans.  We will take umbrellas and raingear and make sure we get inside so we don't get drenched or run the risk of getting hit by lightning.  

Things should clear out by next Wednesday; but according to the weather forecast office in Fort Worth, Texas, it shouldn't be too terribly hot; temps are supposed to remain seasonable.  Even throughout the summer period, temps should be around normal for this time of year with below average rainfall.  Good.  

I don't mind the seasonal, "popcorn" storms nearly as much as the "big boomers" of spring, the ones that bring the "gorilla" hail (hail as large as baseballs or bigger), the damaging, downburst winds, the heavy, flooding rainfall, and the tornadoes.  Especially since we don't really have any storm shelters here in our part of Tornado Alley.  If it does "come up a cloud", we go to our local church, which DOES have a basement (one of the few places 'round here that do) and we wait out the storms until the all clear has been given.  With these popcorn storms of summer, we can relax and then get back to what we were doing once the rains/storms pass on by.  No worries 'less the storms decide to sit on top of us, dumping copious amounts of rain (running the risk of flash flooding).  I can handle the storms of summer far better than the spring storms!

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