Blue Heaven the two perspectives of the world

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The story “Blue Heaven -The two perspectives of the world" is written about a young boy named as Shivansh and his grandfather i.e. Abbu dies on the earth due to great affliction and went to the heaven where he came to met with a poky boy who was yelping and lying in the heaven. Abbu was devoted towards god and gods destiny. He did all that things for the nurturing of Shivansh which a mother do while looking after a baby. Shivansh was very kind and gentle. He was also very sensitive. Abbu was bit afraid of revealing the truth to Shivansh about his life and the world. After that When shivansh was fifteen, he was told the truth. Therefore, he was little hurt but then he was sanctioned to visit the earth for one day by pleasing the god. Thereafter, he visited the earth and landed to the country-Juteline in the capitol city Barblington where he found many different lifes of the people, some gloomy faces, blind or deaf panhandlers and also some rich and wealthy people, king or queen living a luxurious life. This reveals about how ones good thoughts and gentleness can change the impossible verdict into possible verdict. Here, the story personifies the “Time into World".

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Blue Heaven- The two perspectives of the world”. “Blue Heaven" is indeed giving a recital about the world which includes everything inside the world whether its mortal or immortal, infact time also. The story begins like this...

There was a young boy of about seven year old biding in a colossal, serene and marvellous heaven with his grandfather. He often used to called his grandfather as ‘Abbu’. Although, Abbu is used to call to fathers in muslims religion, but he was not aware of any creed, castes, etc., as his Abbu has never told him about such things. Abbu was greatly devoted towards god and gods destiny. Being so gentle and munificent, Abbu never think to hurt anyone's soul rather he keep helping other. Abbu was living a prosperous life with his family on the earth. But one day, when he was eighty five due to great affliction he passed away from his family and went so far from where it was impossible to come back. But because of his great karmas and extreme bhakti towards his god took him to the heaven. Few years later, he met with a very small baby, the new arrival in the heaven. Seeing that innocent baby, Abbu strung up and even felt lamented and also prayed to the god to provide all facilities as well as happiness to the family, whose that poky boy was no more with them. Abbu was flabbergasted to have such a elegant kid with little dismal. Without more delay, Abbu promptly picked up the baby in his hands, and tried his best to amused him. But that cutie pie was inexorably yelping. He made many efforts to made the boy happy. Abbu even named him as Shivansh. He swathed the smoothy body of that poky boy with a clothe and did all that things which a mother did while looking after a baby. He made the Shivansh to stand on his feet. However, they were living in the heaven but due to Abbu's life experience and prudence he escorted Shivansh on every criteria of his life and succeeded in his target. Abbu never wanted the Shivansh to know the truth of their relationship that Abbu was not his real grandfather. After few years, when Shivansh was seven, with his growing age, the correlation between both, Abbu and Shivansh was very strong and were devoted to each other. For Shivansh his grandfather was a role model. He also like to listen different stories from his grandfather. The bond between both of them was noteworthy. While Abbu acts as an authority figure and render his grandson an unconditional love. But when Shivansh became a complete mature and was almost of fifteen year old, his inquisitivity of knowing more than what his Abbu told him about the life always made him anxious and his habit of asking questions to his Abbu has also been developed with his age. Shivansh has never doubted on his grandfathers nurture. He was always look up to his Abbu. One day Abbu realised that Shivansh was wise enough to knew the fact about the world that what is the world indeed like, and many more things. But, before that Abbu was little flustered of adducing the truth to Shivansh, because he knew that if Shivansh would get to know the truth then he might do self accusation on his fate. Being very submissive, sympathetic and benevolent Shivansh never dared to question to his Abbu in his life.He infact share his every moment whether its melancholy or cheerful with his Abbu. But after the truth that he was told has preoccupied his mind and left him alone with lot of questions and even made him ambivalent. However, he was bit annoyed and also devoted towards his grandfather, but his preoccupied mind has compelled him to ask a question to his Abbu. He pointblank went to his Abbu and asked him that why did the God sent him on the earth when he had already decided to called him to the heaven, then why did he hurt his own creation, and why he had broken the heart of those innocent people who had devoted themselves to the God, to their deity. To get him out of that situation, Abbu decided to sent Shivansh on the earth. He knew that it was little bit difficult for him but he thought that option to be the best to made Shivansh aware of the other world and to aquaint him from himself, this was the only way through which Shivansh could get answers of his questions. Thus, Abbu went to the God for the approach and pleaded him to allow Shivansh to visit the earth. Consequently, God was ready to sanctioned Abbu's approach at one condition and it was that the Shivansh could stay for one day on the earth, after that he has to return back to the heaven. Then Abbu went to his grandson and told him to get ready for short period journey. But due to the dynamic relationship between both, made Abbu timorous for sending Shivansh alone to the place where he could be referred as an Alien. Abbu also told Shivansh for not telling about his abode to the people that he came from the heaven. While shedding the gallons of tears, Abbu also told Shivansh to take care for himself regarding his safety. Shivansh then went on the earth and landed to the Barblington which is the capitol city of the country, Juteline. The country was surrounded by the ocean on two sides. The total length of the country was around four thousand miles and the breadth was about one thousand. As Shivansh was granted that he could spend one day on earth after that he have to return back to his actual place. So, he could not travel the whole country. While travelling to the capitol city he found the Great Highways that were three-four feet wide. He then entered into roads and streets. The city was very overcrowded. He was flabbergasted that everything was just exactly like it was told by his Abbu while telling the stories. About thousand of houses could be seen in a capitol city, Barblington when he was just passing through the Skritlok Market, he saw an extreme crowd across the road. As he went there, he met an interloper when he asked that why the area was overcrowded then he was told that there was a church. Many people came there with their wishes. Outside the temple, he found some deaf or blind people out of which there were children, women who were panhandling and sitting near the temples. Seeing those blind panhandlers and handicapped who were imploring for their living, Shivansh felt lamented and when he asked them the reason for which their condition was that miserable, then he was told that they were themselves responsible for their condition, they also added that they are handicapped or blind because they were god gifted. This thing tracked his mind and his footsteps itself took him to the place where he came to face with hardships of many life. It was an orphanage where he bumped with a little poky boy weeping as if he has lost something. He was around five year old, wearing a shabby old Tshirt with shorts, in barefoot and an innocent grubby face looking as if he was not bathed since two three weeks. The boy had created the evocative scene for Shivansh and also highlighted the plight of his soul which he now was suffering. He saw many gloomy faces in the orphanage which was out of his expectations. He never wished that he would come to met such dismal times in his life. There he found some or other children who have lost their parents in their childhood, or in wars , in cars accident, etc. Their situation was somewhat touching to Shivansh's elapse. Presently, the day authorised to Shivansh was coming to its deadline. Nevertheless, it was one hour left with him. He pointblank went to the Meutogulous Town, a place located in the capital city, Barblington. Meutogulous is a town where mostly rich people, ambassadors live a luxurious life. Also, there was a king and Queen ruling the place under which lot of people were been treated as slaves. Shivansh saw that the place where he was present was exclusively apart from the other places where he visited earlier. He wondered and mused that why there was a huge discrepancy among the people survival. There were many questions or queries arising in Shivansh's heart. Everything that he faced with, was flustering him and made him more disturbed. Yet it was fifteen minutes left to him for the begining of the next day but before he had to return back to the Blue Heaven. It was the the time when he has to return back to his actual place,in the heaven. He poorly and indignantly went to the vacant place where no one was there, neither houses nor animals just water and elegant floras. It was silenced all over. No one was there in the vicinity accept of him. Now the time has came when Shivansh had to surrender himself to the God. At last, he had to tranced him self and would disappear forever from the earth. ................. (On Earth) The very next day on the earth everything was just neutral and regular as it happens everyday. The only thing that was new was that there was a new arrival borne on the earth name “SHIVANSH".

The Miraculous Section: The miraculous scene in the story was not the end of it, it's a complete story. On the day, when Shivansh was sanctioned to visit the earth was the Great day i.e., Maha shivratri which comes once in a year. And so he visited the earth he became so touched with the people that the God Shiv had to blessed him and fulfilled his wishes. His tenderness and affection towards God's creation has personified the time into world. His many more good deeds compelled the God to change his verdict. Also, there was a great benedictions or boons of Shivansh's so called Abbu in his life. This is the reason how and why the reluctant God has to change his verdict and made him God's lovable creation.

Incentive of the story:

“Men may come and Men may go but time keeps move on"..... The above juncture is taken from the poem- ‘the Brook' written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. In the poem it was about Brook but ,here in the story its about ‘Time' which never waits for anyone i.e.,the immortal time. In the story “Blue Heaven" Shivansh played a sumptuous role that everyone has some or other flair to do something new and no one is alone in the world, everyone is gifted with some quality or feature. The only thing that remained alone is ‘Time'. Time never take anyone with itself. It does not care for anyone, it is immortal and no one is its friend or relatives, devils or rivals, time is alone. It also ignores the borne and death of the Gods creation then whether its living or non-living. Everything remains behind the time.

IRONY- In the story the irony is that when Shivansh was sanctioned to had one day visit on the earth after which the God Shiv changed his verdict and gifted Shivansh one more life to live and spend on earth forever. Shivansh was a very kind and magnanimous child who had suffered a lot of hardships of his life in such a tender age. He treated the time with politeness, even though it was rude to him, made him suffer a lot not because time was good but because Shivansh was like that.

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