The Feast

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Understanding is the best help one can give.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



The Feast


Once a man invited a friend over for dinner, where there was prepared a feast of epic proportions. Meats of all kinds were presented, the finest cuts and all cooked to perfection. There were bread items galore, sweet breads and rolls; any that could be imagined. There were also potatoes of many shapes and sizes, also prepared in many different ways.


Upon seeing the feast set before him, the friend was troubled. The meal was very pleasing to the eye and there was more than enough variety to please several diners; yet there was only one thing he desired. He preferred vegetables to the meat substances, and yet there was none present. How could he offend his gracious host by not partaking of the marvelous feast? Therefore, with much trepidation; he consumed the meal.


After eating the delicacies set before him and passing the pleasantries of the evening, the friend thanked the host for his graciousness and departed. During his journey home, the man began to feel ill and somewhat nauseated but he continued the arduous trek; finally collapsing at his doorstep.


After a couple of days not communicating with his dear friend, the host went to ensure that he was alright. Upon arriving at the dwelling, he noticed that there had not been any traffic to or from for some time. He knocked at the door and heard a faint reply inside bidding him to enter. There he found his friend bedridden, too ill to lift his head. Rushing to his side, he inquired what needed to be done to help his friend regain his strength. “Food, I need food” was all the sick man could say.


Rushing to the cupboard and pantry, the host intended to make his friend a meal befitting a king. Much to his surprise, the pantry was stocked with vegetables of all kinds. There wasn’t an item of meat anywhere to be found. “This will not do for my dear friend” he thought. “I must go to the market and retrieve a fine steak for this man.” Before the sick friend could protest, the host was off to retrieve the makings of a fine meal. Returning with the meal items, the host set about preparing the food and within a moment the table was set with another delicious meal.


The host assisted his sick friend to the table, and once seated began cutting the steak into small bite sized morsels. The sight and smell of the meat caused his head to reel with dizziness, and he nearly collapsed onto the floor had not his friend been there to catch him. “Are you alright? Do you need a physician?”


“No, my friend; it was just the meat brought about another spell of sickness.” the unwell friend explained. “I must confess that since the wonderful dinner I partook at your house, I have not been well. You see, I do not eat meat and haven’t for quite some time now. Not wanting to offend you, I ate what was presented to me without complaint which led to my current condition.”


Understanding the situation thoroughly, the good host removed the plate of meat and returned with a plate of well-prepared vegetables; which he served to his friend and nursed him back to good health.



Moral of the story: What may be good for one may not be the best for all. People are quick to judge others based on their understanding of matters; whether it is socially, politically, religiously and etc.

Each individual is on his/her journey through life, and the journey is for that personage alone. We may assist one another along but it is not ours to persuade one way or another.


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