Man in the top hot

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There are little to know instances where a top hat is nicer than a bowler hat, that is until today.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Appear with the tap of the top of my hat I am Mr. Mustash, how do you do?

Would you mind if petted your extra fluffy cat?

The day is dandy, the sun is brightly candied, and I fancy

well I am not sure to be exactly, but I think if I knew It would be blue or maybe red

but certainly not dead, but since your asking I would like my chicken to be corn fed.

I was led by wink and a smile, excuse me, excuse me, do any of you perhaps have something for which my digits

could dial? Oh pea shaw or fiddle faddle, these thoughts I have don't offend, I'm quite parched, perhaps you could seek for me the juice that only caddle produce.

But hurry, yes hurry, make haste for I must hasten my visit, for feint of heart could never have fair lady.

She's posh, but not dainty, or at least I think she was blonde or maybe ginger, my memory is hazy.

Lazy I can not be, up and away make haste towards the door with the quickest of feet.

Escaping my sight, I can not wonder if she was a delight to meet.

Fairly dapper, but I am no dan, I am a man and a man she must have.

I would give her bobbles and bangles, trinkets and jewels, I would even dance on one foot balancing with my cane ten or twenty mules.

Ponder I won't and ponder I can't,  fair lady must grant me the chance to be more than an ant on a plant.

But am I to late? I think I'm to late, fair lady has gone away from shot of the ear.

Though I am sad, I shall have no fear, for I shall wait hear for her to tip tap the top of my hat for me to reappear. 


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