When He Left

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Eliza never really had things particularly easy.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Eliza Brown was just getting ready to end her freshman year of high school. It was May 7th 2003. Eliza's never really had things particularly easy, but she was really excited about the last field trip of the year. Her class was going to the renaissance festival in Fairburn, GA; that's southwest of Atlanta. Eliza was particularly excited because her boyfriend Jacob and her girlfriend Paige were coming too. It was rare that she got to spend time with both of them at the same time. Eliza and her entire class piled in on 5 different school busses then headed off to the Festival. Eliza has heard of the renaissance festival but had never been, even though it was only 33 minutes away....according to Map Quest. When Eliza's bus pulled up to the renaissance festival she knew she was going to have a great day with great friends and of course her two loves. As she entered the Festival she took Jacob by one hand and Paige by the other and headed out to explore all the different wonders of the festival. The day was full of shopping, jousting, turkey legs, fire breathers, face painting, costplay and more. This field trip was the most fun Eliza had had all year. Just before leaving to get back on the bus Jacob had stopped at a little shop by the exit and bought Eliza a glass rose, only instead of red petals they were blue. Eliza had never seen anything so beautiful. When the bus returned back to the school they only had a few minutes until afternoon announcements and dismissal. Eliza couldn't wait to go home and tell her mother (Brooke Brown) about the field trip. As soon as she started walking up the steep hill to get home from the bus stop, she realized that the weather was changing quite rapidly. Clouds were rolling in, there was shore to be a storm. Opening the door to her home she was grateful the rain held out until she got inside. She told her mother about the festival and how much fun it was. Brooke decided to take pictures of Eliza with her face painted because it was too beautiful not to. When Eliza finished telling her mother about the festival she told her about the storm that seemed to be coming. They decided to take a look outside to see how it was progressing. The sky had turned a strange grey green color. Eliza and Brooke had never seen anything like it before. They set on their front porch and watched it for a while before heading back inside. Brooke sat down to watch some TV before going to sleep but Eliza was very tired from her busy day so she went straight to her room to go to sleep but the whole way to her room and even lying in her bed trying to drift off for the night she had this awful feeling in her gut that she just couldn't explain. Eliza finally drifted off when she woke up to the house phone ringing. She quickly answered it while also looking at her alarm clock to see what time it was. It was nearly 10:30 pm. A woman was on the other line looking for Brooke. Eliza could hear the TV in the living room so she knew her mother was still awake and yelled for her to answer the phone. Eliza stayed on the line which she had never done before but there was something telling her to stay on the line to see what was going on. The lady asked Brooke if she was related to Tristan Brown. Brooke said "I was. That's my ex husband, why what's going on?" Eliza felt a panic starting to build when she heard this woman speak her father's name. "He's been a car accident, we have him here at Grady hospital in Atlanta." Eliza immediately hung up her phone and began to cry as she ran into the living room yelling at Brooke that they needed to go to the hospital. Eliza told Brooke that she felt as though her father was dead. Her father being dead was the only thought she had from the time Brooke finished giving the lady at the hospital different name's and numbers of other family members of Tristan all the way to the hospital. When they walked in the doors of the hospital, they told the receptionist what had happened and she sent Eliza and Brooke to this small little room on the right hand side of this long white hallway. When they walked into the room Tristan's mother Isabel, his sister Julia and his sister's husband Kade were already there looking just as scared and nervous as Eliza and Brooke were. The room was just big enough for two couches on opposite walls facing each other and a door to a little bathroom. The doctor, along with two women entered the room. Eliza barely heard anything that the doctor was saying. All she caught was "hydroplaned, wrecked, head, there was nothing we could do" Eliza's body took over and she jumped up and ran to the bathroom in the room and threw up while listening to the cries of her mother, grandmother and aunt. Brooke asked if they could see him but the doctor said that his injuries were too great and that it would be for the best if we just went home. The rest of the night was blur from leaving the hospital, to the drive home, even getting back in bed. Eliza cried herself to sleep, waking up every few hours with nightmares of her father dying over and over again in all different ways. She guest it was just her brains way of trying to make sense of what had happened. Though nothing made sense anymore. The next day she woke up and knew she had to call her sister Joss, her sister was 4 years older and was from her father's first marriage. Joss lived in South Carolina. Tristan and his first wife put Joss up for adoption when she was a baby. Joss had only known Tristan and Eliza for a few short years. Although Joss and Tristan grew very close very fast. That always made sense to Eliza because her father was the best person she had ever known. Loving him would be easy for anyone to do. Eliza picked up the phone dreading the call she was about to make. Joss answered the phone and she explained to Joss what happened. Hearing Joss break down the way Eliza had the night before broke Eliza's heart all over again. The rest of the school year for Eliza was filled with sadness, the loss of her virginity (seeking comfort from Jacob.....didn't work though), the loss of her girlfriend (Paige didn't understand what Eliza was going through so she became selfish then distant.....it didn't end well), a funeral, anger, lashing out, shutting down, etc. Eliza's never really had things particularly easy.

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