Life of Zeroes: Summer Days

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I want some ice cream, without the scream.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



The favorite season for a Zero like me is summer. You don’t have to interact with all those youthful and talented kids, you can just be holed up in your room, away from worries and doubts, with my mind being my only company. I wake up to realize it is already summer, and I’m happy because I don’t have to play the role of student for two months and I can enjoy the pleasures of a relaxing life. My summer routine goes like this: Wake up, play video games, eat, sleep, and repeat. It is not that I don’t like going outside and doing sports or exercise (being healthy is nice), but the city I live in gets so hot in summer that going outside would probably melt me, or give me cancer.

I like my room, it’s spacious and comfortable, but I don’t like my house, it is always hot in every season. My parents never put on the air conditioner and I feel like killing myself every day because of the heat, but surprisingly whenever I wake up I feel really cold. Waking up with cold sucks, it feels like being in the North or South Pole, but instead of penguins, there are noisy Chihuahuas. I sometimes feel sad as I am wasting my vacations unproductively while everyone else is upgrading their skills for the future, though at the end I remember I’m not really good at anything in particular.

So I continue sleeping, for I now peace doesn’t last forever. 

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