Slurp, Gulp!

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There is a factory on this asteroid and all sorts of creatures work there. They are all pretty different and for the most part they get along. However, stuff happens.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



"HAY, who ate my Dribble-Corn?" asked a tall slimy creature.

The thick-coated hairy creature was standing over a clear flask and rocking from side to side; much like an elephant does.

Its face extension, or nose, which looked a lot like a Anteater's, was probing the bottom of the extra-large, mixing bowl size, flask; it was very empty.

"Nobody ate your stupid Dribble-Corn, Artie, only Sabots eat that stuff and you are the only Sabot working here. Have you forgotten that?" Stem asked.

"Well no, I just ..."

"It's always the same with you Artie; you eat something for lunch and then forget that you ate it.

You really should see some brain wave technicians and have them realigned your Neuron Pathways. Hell, maybe they should just replace them," Said Sept, a large crescent-shaped crab-looking creature with claws instead of pincers.

Almost everyone in the enclosure laughed with all kinds and tones of strange reverberating sounds.

Artie slithered off with what I can only guess was a look of embarrassment on its anteater-like face.


After Artie left the area Stem laughed, sort of to himself, I guess, and then said, "Dribble-Corn is very good once you get passed the smell, but don't tell Artie I said that. He might stop bringing it for lunch and then I would have to purchase a meal from the cafeteria."

Everyone laughed again, except for Emus, the full time inspector and acting supervisor.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Stem, you three-eyed nose picking excuse for a leader," Emus blurted out.

"The poor creature has missed four meals lately and has no idea that you have been taking them. His health could suffer, not to mention his dignity.

It doesn't seem that you, or anyone else around here, understand how much the company saves by hiring a Sabot. And when the company saves labor costs then we get a percentage of it in our bonuses.

That Sabot does the work of six others, it can lift three times what any of you can lift, and it works for half of what you are making Stem.

Sabots are not like the rest of this diverse mess that works in this factory, their systems need a certain balance of nourishment on a regular basis, if they do not get that then they grow irrational and can be very dangerous. Why do you think that upper management gives them additional feeding time? Because it is safer for all of us, that's why!"

Stem replied, "What do you care about that dufus for anyway, Emus? It is just a lowly maintenance worker, and it's ugly too.

I will eat his Dribble-Corn whenever I feel like it and then confuse him into thinking that he ate it. That's what I like to do, it makes me laugh. So just keep your comments to yourself.

You may be a supervisor but I am Crew-boss. And if I want to humiliate someone and eat their Dribble-Corn, I will!"


"You were eating my Dribble-Corn, Stem? You are my boss, you supposed to teach me stuff and help me to be a good worker," Artie stated as he slithered back into the area.

Stem turned toward Artie and said, "Oh, Hi Artie! No --- we were just discussing someone else, not you and not your Dribble-Corn, that's for sure."

"What is the matter with you Artie, you look different. --- Do you feel alright?"

"Artie is very confused, --- and very hungry! --- Sluuurp, gulp! --- Ah, I feel much better now."


Emus rushed over to Artie and hurriedly stated, "No, No, Artie! You signed an employment contract. Do you remember that? It clearly states that you are not allowed to ingest any company employees, or their pets. Now return Stem, or, as acting supervisor, I will have to terminate your employment."


Buuurrrp! --- Splat!


"Are you OK Stem?" Emus asked.

Stem replied with a question, "What the Blitzrag just happened?"

"Well, it seems that you became delusional and then you had a minor industrial accident, but we are going to get you to the medical department to be checked out, so just go with Genk.

Genk, take Stem to the showers to get that slim off, and then put him through the decontamination chamber before medical sees him. OK?"

"Sure thing Boss."

"Alright everybody, let’s get back to work, Trans-Oscillation Manipulators do not build themselves.

Oh, and just so everybody is on the same page here, Stem fell in the Trans-Surface Cleansing Vat and Artie got him out.

("I did?")

Everyone got that?!? After all, we don't want any unnecessary production slowdowns due to lengthy safety inspections. Remember, we get bonuses if we exceed our quotas; and we are almost there."

"What about me, Emus?" Artie asked.

Emus smiled at Artie and stated, "Well, you and I are going to the company cafeteria and I am going to buy you the biggest flask of  Dribble-Corn that you have ever seen. And maybe we will have some Crudsuckel for dessert. How does that sound?"

"It sounds delicious. --- I am so hungry," Artie replied.

"I know you are buddy, and we're going to fix that right away."

"Are you going to terminate my employment for what I did?" Artie asked Emus.

Emus looked at Artie and asked, "What did you do Artie?"

"I ingested Stem," Artie replied as his elongated face looked toward the ground.

Emus turned towards Artie and said, "Really? I don't remember anything like that happening."

"You don't," questioned Artie?

"No I don't. I think that you just imagined that you ingested him because you were so hungry, maybe you were just hallucinating," Emus said with what looked like a smile showing.

Take my word for it, Stem fell in the Trans-Surface Cleansing Vat and you jumped in to save him."

"I did?" Artie asked, looking about as astonished as a Sabot could ever look.

Emus replied, “You sure did! And that is what it says in my supervisor's official report, so it must be true. --- Isn’t that Right?"

"Well, --- if it is in your report it must be tr…

Oh look, Dribble-Corn!"



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 05-30-2017

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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