Are They CRAZY?????: A Mother's Story. (Part One)

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Mother is incensed that her infant child may lose his disability benefits because the SS people do not feel he is disabled, even though he was born without all his limbs. This is their sad story. Based on an article I read about this very subject. :(

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Just how stupid can they be??  I have never heard anything so preposterous in my life.  My baby boy may lose his disability benefits (something he has been receiving for the past four months) because the SS people feel that he is not disabled.  

He was born disabled.  He was born without arms or legs.  He cannot feed himself or move around that much except roll from place to place; they (meaning his doctors) don't know if he wil ever be able to sit on his own independently.  He can't even play with his toys.  Just how disabled is that???  How can people threaten to cut his benefits and take them away because they feel that he isn't disabled??

I am beyond pissed.  I have been arguing with people at the SS office and with my doctors (and also our lawyer), and I feel I am not getting anywhere.  The SS people say if they don't like what he gets now then they'll take all his benefits away and then we will have to live on virtually nothing.  I can't work because I am a full time caregiver to our son, and my husband is a disabled Veteran; he cannot work either due to severe post traumatic stress disorders and worsening depression; he also lost part of his leg in the last war and still suffers excruciating pain and ongoing nightmares.  He gets VA disability, and between that and H's disability pay, we live on very little.  After the bills are paid, we have very little left or nothing.

It's like this every month.  We can't seem to get ahead, no matter what we do or who we try to talk to.  People don't want to hear our sob story and they don't even want to bother helping us; they'd rather see us on the street first.

I have told them and told them more than once that H is severely handicapped; he was born without arms or legs and he needs a lot of help just to get through the day. Never mind that he is a baby; he still needs extra help that most infants who have arms and legs don't need.  One never knows just how fortunate they are to have kids with all four limbs (or themselves with the same) until they have a child who didn't develop properly in the womb and as a result he was born quite handicapped, and through no fault of his own.

I am tired of fighting and dealing with this crap.  It seems like whenever we try to forge ahead, a new roadblock pops up (this with the SS people threatening us and our baby boy by taking away his benefits) if we keep "bothering them".  Oh, really.  I pray to God that they don't become disabled themselves or, Lord help them, become parents to a kid with significant disabilities that affect just about every area of his life!

Just say some big time prayers for us; we could use them because right now things are looking quite dark for our family and especially for precious little H!! He's just a baby; he doesn't understand the implications his condition is causing and he doesn't understand what is going on with him and his disability!!  I tell you, life is so stupid and unfair!!  I am so fed up right now it's all I can do to keep from SCREAMING!!!!!

*End of part one!*

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