musical dystopia

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Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Music makes the world go round

No person could dance without any sound.

No emotion of hearing now

At weddings, for dances or a final bow.


Singing, dinging, bells are ringing

What laughs the children are bringing.

When I was a girl, they took it away

My life changed that very day.


A paper was posted, to ban such a thing

Distraught, not even a chime or a ping.

For why they did it? Don’t ask me

It started here, and to the North Sea.


How cold the world felt without

The feeling of how it got thrown out.

Everyone talked of the good ol’ days

Before all the instruments were set ablaze.


No happiness or celebration

Nothing broadcasted off a radio station.

So much trouble in paradise

I only ever heard music twice.


A melody from the birds above

But nothing like a song of love.

Hidden deeply in some attics

People gathered for dramatics.


Yet some found out, called to shout

That it was banned, to none’s real doubt.

Emptiness filled the void

It was truly hard to avoid.


A lonely place, the death of lace

A world without sounds of music through space.

Yet the angels sing in the sky

To the God of heaven, sits most high.


Drums struck, harps plucked,

Harmony rises, conductors instruct.

But the music dies, a memory lost

Forgotten, that is too high a cost.


Nothing was ever the same again

The world became such a strain, but when?

Nothing but silence in the background

Because music makes the world go round.

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