How Disappointments Have a Bright Side

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How do disappointments have a bright side?

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Disappointment is an endless wellspring of comedy inspiration-Martin Freeman


How Disappointments Have a Good Side

Why do we always feel sad when something lets you down? Do we ever feel good about that certain thing letting us down? I think and believe that disappointments have a bright side to it all! If you think about it, most things that let you down are either school related or personal. I’d like to think that we always feel better after a disappointment. All of the things that make us sad are either grades or something private. Why don’t we dwell on that fact then? The fact that it let us down. It’s because there was a bright side.

Let’s say that you got a B on your test. But, you still feel good about yourself because it’s better than going down with the mermaids. Get it? Below “C” level? Another example: you ordered something online. It doesn’t come on the promised date. But, you are okay because you have other things on your mind. Anyways, most disappointments when you’re a child is because of school. But, as long as you try your best, everything will come to turn out well.

Most times, you don’t think about the bright side. You just sulk and get angry at the inanimate object. Everything is happening for a reason. Don’t most people think that? Well, “sometimes, when you get disappointment, it makes you stronger”. This was said by David Rudisha. He was probably talking about the fact that there is, in fact, a bright side to everything. Hopefully, hope doesn’t take you too far into the clouds. If that happens, you’re really just in for a whole new world of disappointment. It’s like you’re floating on balloons, and then the helium just escapes and you’re falling.

Sometimes, you tell yourself that you won’t get your hopes up and that you’ll be fine, no matter what. But, your heart is racing and you’re begging to yourself that you did it. That’s when the hope decides to take itself a step further. Then, disappointment comes rolling in. Some people are immune to disappointment and they just try, try again. But, some people aren’t even close and they just fail and give up. I felt like the world was crumbling when I faced my first disappointment. So, now, I’m just in between. Most of the time, people don’t want to face disappointment. But, some? They want to! Why? Because it makes them stronger than they were before. The world does things for a reason. Us humans do things for a reason.

As humans, we make mistakes. As humans, we feel emotions. As humans, we feel sadness, fear, joy, and disappointment. All these emotions come out at times and some come out more than others. Everybody and every living thing on this planet has a purpose. Like bees who make honey, or people who run for president. Each and every one of us wants to do something. Either it’s good or bad. The choice is theirs and we just have to hope that they choose the good side. If they don’t? We get disappointed. The cycle that happens around the world is common and could occur everyday. But, you never know. Disappointment is a horrible thing to have experienced many times. But, then again, it could just prepare you for the real Game of Life.




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