My Guardian Angel

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A story I wrote when I was younger for a Catholic-type story contest. I hate it.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



Life, our lives and the lives of others pass in the blink of an eye, God handles these lives, you may think that he is unfair to take the lives of beings important to you, but he does not do it with bad intention. He who finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses it for my sake will find it (Matthew 10:39). God knows the reasons why he takes those same lives, he has always been fair and all his actions have a reason, "they are in a better place" a phrase that although used to not feel so strong the loss of someone, is Something real since God seeks the good of that person by taking it to heaven to be by his side.

Well, that's clearly what happens, unfortunately, that's not so easy to overcome for those of us who stay, for those of us who see that life goes by in the blink of an eye. That feeling that we should have been with that person before his departure, to talk with them, to tell them how much we love and appreciate them; Technically, God gives us that opportunity every day to be able to talk to that person, but we are very selfish, we think about what others would think of it, we worry about what that person thinks about those sudden words, and we miss our opportunity.

Unfortunately, that happened to me. I was too selfish, I was too dumb. God gave me those opportunities and did not take advantage of them, ignore them and just concentrate on what did not matter: at parties, alcohol, getting along with "popular" people, etc. I lost sight of what was important, and before I knew it, I had already lost it. I let go of that person who was so valuable to me, that person, who unlike my "friends" was always by my side, every moment, every problem, I could always count on that person to support me, and I, selfishly, let the opportunity pass by telling her how much I loved her, how much I appreciated her and thanked her for everything she had done for me, and now ...the stranger. God, please give me one more chance, let me speak to her one more time, you who are almighty help me, I beg you, let me embrace her, ask her forgiveness, and let me say "I love you". I will pray as many of our fathers as necessary, rosaries? Those that you want, you just tell me and I will fulfill, but please, all that I ask you, all I want is an opportunity to ask for your forgiveness.

Let's start from the beginning. My sister Alejandra and I had always got along well from an early age. She was 3 years older than me so she was the one who protected me and looked after me as a guardian angel so I was always safe from any common danger of small children. I remember when I was 7 years old I was very afraid of the dark, and I always left a light on in my room to feel more secure, but it happened that there was a strong storm, and as the wind blew too much, the light went out of the house. I was frightened, I was so afraid that I could not move, and all I could do was cry and wait to fall asleep. But at that moment, my guardian angel arrived; Alejandra's room was next to mine, so she obviously listened to my cries and came to my rescue. He approached my bed and said:

-Do not be afraid, Andrew, that we are with you to take care of you.

-US? I answered between tears.

-Yes, Mom, Dad, I, and of course Jesus.


-Yes, Jesus, he is watching you from the sky, from there he is taking care of you so that nothing and nobody damage you and you are safe.


-Obviously, come, let's pray, when you pray you talk to Jesus, and so after talking to him, you will feel more secure.

After that, I began to pray with all my concentration a father of ours with Alejandra, and at that moment, I felt a great tranquillity, a calm so deep that faded the fear that a few minutes ago surrounded me, not only my family was there with me, too Jesus was there guarding me and taking care of me.

"Thank you, Ale."

"You're welcome, Andres, that's what the brothers are for.

Alejandra stayed with me until I finally fell asleep. That stormy night taught me something very important: My sister and Jesus are the best!

When you are younger you let yourself be influenced much by the bears that surround you or happen to you, like talking, dressing, what kind of hairstyle you have or what games you buy or practice; Well, since that day God became very important in my life. It sounds strange, but if, since that day I never stopped paying attention in religion class, let alone in mass, I was so enthusiastic about God and all that I even became altar boy because I loved the idea of helping the priest in the Masses of the school. He really enjoyed being even closer to God and understanding more of his messages and teachings, though, in the eyes of 11-year-olds, that was not at all "cool" or "cool."

"Looks like you're wearing a skirt”

-You look ridiculous

"It's not Halloween yet take off your costume haha”.

"Look, there comes San Andres

Although I liked it, this was not well received by my classmates, apart from being in the age where it is great to go against the current and act rude, is the age where most children play soccer, video games, And they do crazy things ...... therefore being learning about the important parts of the Mass and the importance of the Eucharist was "strange" or abnormal for them. The taunts were obviously very bland and they did not really have a joke, but at that age, the taunts of your own friends feel as if they hit you in the face again and again, until you are thrown and defeated on the ground.

I began to evade my responsibilities because although I liked them, I did not feel they were worth to continue suffering from the harassment of my companions. After several weeks I decided to approach my mother and say:

"I no longer want to be an altar boy or participate in Mass.

-But why? If you have always liked to do it.

"Well, not anymore, it already bore me (the best excuse that can happen to an 11-year-old boy).

"Well, you're not going to leave, you're in, and you're staying, you can not just leave because you do.


"But nothing, that's my last word and it stays that way.

-It's not fair!

Furious I ran to my room and locked myself for several hours; And as by ten o'clock my stomach no longer endured from such hunger so I decided to postpone my strike to go down to eat something (after my parents fall asleep very early, so I do not have to see them). When I got to the kitchen I opened the refrigerator only to find myself with the great surprise that they had not yet gone out to buy the pantry. The problem was that there was no bread so I could not make myself a sandwich, there were also some envelopes that could reheat in the microwave, I had been defeated by my bad luck, I felt that I was going to die in that moment of so hungry that I had when I heard The footsteps of someone heading to the kitchen.

On the day I returned from school and argued with my mom, Alejandra was listening, and she was probably waiting for the moment when I left my room to talk to me.

"I want to talk about the problem you had today, Andrés, but from what I see, you're very hungry so I'll cook you something to eat first."

Alejandra as I was older I already knew how to use the stove so she prepared me some stewed eggs with ham (I did not like the egg, but the important thing was that I already had to eat). After devouring them with pleasure it was then that Alejandra began to speak:

"Why do not you want to be an altar boy?"

-I do not like it anymore.

-Andrés, you know that you can always count on me and tell me any problems you have.

"Well, my friends annoy me because I'm an altar boy. They tell me that I look ridiculous with the robe and that I look like a girl.

After I said that, Alejandra ran to her room and returned with her notebook to her work and tasks, and then told me:

"My job in the religion class was to find a phrase you liked about the Bible and explain it, and I think it's perfect for you.

- "Love your enemies, do well to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who insult you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, offer the other also "(Luke 6: 27-29).

-You who are an altar boy you must understand what Andrew means. Do not let what others say affects you, you should not let yourself be influenced by the bad things that others say about you, instead, you must influence them with your good works, so they understand that there is nothing wrong with what You do, and see the person so mature and great that you are.

"And if they still bother me?"

"Ignore them, in the end; it is they who will lose."

Everything that Alejandra told me hit me suddenly; she made me understand that I should not mind the ridicule of my friends because they are empty words that serve to get me farther away from God.

"Thank you, Alejandra; you're like my guardian angel."

"Obviously, and most of all I'm your sister, I'll always be here when you need help or you're in trouble."

Liar, she said she would be with me when I needed her, now you're not when I need you most when I need some words from you, a warm hug from the ones you always gave me and an "everything will be alright", where are you now?

The bigger you become the less time you have to rest or do the things you like or spend time with your friends as the school becomes more complicated and you have to start worrying about your future and what you want to study when you finish school. Well, maybe it's not that worrisome for a high school guy like me, but if it feels like a big change from high school to high school.

I ended up being an altar boy because since I felt that I was going to be very busy with high school to be there, Alejandra tried to convince me that I did not leave, but I managed to persuade her that I wanted to work hard in high school and that I had to be working harder. Part of it was a lie, I simply did not feel the same way I had when I was younger, but I could not tell her that or Alejandra would give me another of her cries about the Bible and God. Since I started first I took care of tasks, projects, partial and other, in addition to the days without being able to leave because I was doing the task or falling asleep tired because of so much work, but that in itself was not what affected me the most. As soon as my family left the house I took the car and went with my friends to drink alcohol, I was still too young to be doing it, but at that most important age is to have fun with friends and enjoy life (how silly I was In those years). And so the days went by, the more I went on the path of the "friends", the more I moved away from the path of the "family", I preferred to spend my days getting drunk with my friends that enjoying my family some activity that was healthier, It mattered that it was what we were doing, but where we could live happily as it should, but I was young, I was stupid, I did not appreciate what I had in front of me, I believed that the days would continue like this and nothing would change, but I was wrong in the end. It was a Friday night and I was listening to music and playing on my phone when I heard the sound of a car poking outside the house; when I looked at the window I saw that they were Alejandra's friends, apparently going to the den. My room was in the direction of the street and Alejandra looked at my window and said farewell with a big smile: "How lucky, I also want to go out and have fun, but all my friends are busy."Better I'll sleep, taking advantage of the fact that tomorrow I can get up whenever I want." Who would have said that would be the last time he could see that smile.

It was very early, between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning, when I heard the door to my room. Dazed I moved towards her, and when I opened it, I saw my dad, but that was not the dad who always saw happy and happy, working to the maximum every day to support his family, the dad who saw in front of me had another Expression, there was no way to describe it, and then he spoke, and when it was over, I'm sure that my face formed the same expression as his own. Alejandra and her friends had gone to the club to dance and have fun as any boy and girl would. They had danced, but not so much to not get tired, they had taken, but not so much to get drunk, they had left the club late, but not so late not to be exposed to any danger. They drove calmly, without hurting someone or risking their own lives, everything was going well, or so they thought, what they did not know was that they were not the only ones driving that night, that they had careless guys of what happened to them, that they even drove Being drunk, passing the highs to feel the speed of their cars, and that they could not react when they saw that they were heading towards another car that was in front of them. And so unfair is life, that when an accident occurs where someone important to you is involved, that person is the only one who has to perish. All she thought was whether she was okay or not, if she was safe, just wanted to see her that was all I thought while my dad took me and my mom to the hospital. She sobbed as the carriage advanced, and although it moved, it seemed to be slower than normal, an interminable wait, which was sitting next to me, accompanying me on my journey to the hospital. As soon as we parked, we ran to the hospital doors, hoping to hear that Alejandra was well, that they were only scrapes, that as soon as we arrived we could take her to the house, but that did not happen. Alejandra died immediately after the crash, there was nothing the paramedics and doctors could do for her, there was nothing I could have done for her, because she was no longer with us, I was not going to be able to see her, to hear her voice, To hear his great advice, to see his great smile, and all because I was a selfish. I reject every opportunity to spend time with her, I thought we could do it any other day, but I was a fool: "Why did I have to be so silly Alejandra, why?" -God, I know she's already in a better place, but still, but still, I want to see her one more time, please allow me, I walked away from what you appreciate that is the family and just thought about having fun with my friends ignoring To my family that loved me so much. "Please, I beg you, I will do everything you ask, but I beg you, let me apologize to her, that's all I want, that's all I need."

A month went by and the world was still spinning. People continued to live their normal lives, students continued to attend school, teachers continued to teach, parents continued to work to support their families. Everything was the same; everyone was the same except me. My parents, even though they were sad because of the loss of their daughter, had to keep working, because they knew that she would not have liked to see them like that, and because they still had a child with them who needed their support, but even so, I could not Completely overcome Alejandra's loss, and did not think she could do it. It was Saturday, and my parents were not in the house (my dad was at work and my mom had come to visit my grandmother), and just did not feel like anything. I went to Alejandra's room, did not know why, I felt I would find her doing a task on her computer or chatting with her friends on the phone, even though I knew that was impossible. I opened the door, went into the room and began to take a tour of the room, I had been so far away from her that the room was no longer as I remembered, had changed completely and I did not even notice it. I lay on the floor, I just wanted to be there, I wanted to feel that she was still there with me, and it was then that I noticed something that was peeking under Alejandra's bed, it was like white paper, curiosity won so I decided to take it to know what it was. A letter, an unopened letter, was strange, but the strangest thing happened when I turned it over to see who was writing the letter. To me, the letter was for me: "A letter from Alejandra, and addressed to me? Immediately I opened it, my curiosity took control of my body, I wanted to know why there was a letter under the bed, as well as knowing what it said, I grabbed the paper and began to read it, and at that time I felt I heard Alejandra's voice reciting the words that were written in the letter: "Little man, how have you been since I died ?, Have you eaten well ?, Have you fulfilled your tasks ?, Are you still arguing with our parents? Well, the truth is that I already know the truth, I have been watching you from the sky seeing how you have had to suffer so much from my absence. I also saw how you prayed to God for an opportunity to speak to me again, even though he told me it was very difficult to do that, he gave me the opportunity to speak to you through this letter. The only thing I can tell you is that it's not really your fault, things happened because God wanted them to pass, you do not have to feel guilty, we all fail in a certain way. Our parents failed to work harder to unite as a family, the kids who hit us failed to control how much they drank, and I failed to approach you, even though I knew what you were doing with your friends, I decided to be patient, thinking that you would change for Your own account. Things happen for something, you should not keep holding on to the past, I do not ask you to forget me, but you do go forward, you walk towards the future because although the future is full of uncertainty, I know you can be happy even though I Do not be there. "So be careful of how you live. Do not live like fools but as wise, making the most of every opportune moment, because the days are evil "(Ephesians 5: 15-16). You know what I mean, so trust me, and this last piece of advice I can give you. With love, your guardian angel I began to weep, but not of sadness, but of relief, of happiness, because I knew that Alejandra was looking at me from up there, next to God, and looking out for my good. I felt a great calm, I knew I had to do from now on, I would apologize to my parents for being such a bad son, I would leave those "friends" and those bad vices, I would correct my way, because I knew that's how God wanted it (Plus I told him I would do whatever he asked). Truthfully the future is uncertain, you will never know when something can completely change your life, when those people who want you are no longer with you, then I will live my life to the fullest, enjoying the days but on the right path. For this is what Jesus told me, and because my guardian angel told me so.

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