A Few Words to my Unborn Child: Woman Under China’s One-child Policy

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Hello! This is a monologue I'm working on for our English final. It is approximately 3:15-3:30 minutes long. In this monologue I adopt the persona of a woman in China during China's one-child policy. It is basically a speech to her unborn child, which she has to put up for adoption. The speech is supposed to be more or less hopeful, rather than depressing.
Please let me know what you think in terms of rhythm, tone, overall storyline, and presentation. If you leave a comment, I will leave one on one of your own stories (of your choosing) in return.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



A Few Words to my Unborn Child: Woman Under China’s One-child Policy

(Sits on chair with head bowed. Nervously bobbing leg)

I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t  believe I have to do this.

(looks at clipboard on table)

These are last forms you need signed? Okay, thanks.

“Do you fully understand what it means to put your child up for adoption?”

Yes, I do. (checks box)

“Sex of the child?”

Um, female. (checks box)

“Is there anything that you think the adopting parents or child should know?”

Yes. (sighs). I don’t want to give you away, of course. But your father and I, we can’t afford the fees to have a second child. Besides, our two-room house is not big enough to contain the dreams, the passion, the future that you will have. But, if I were to keep you, I would shower you with love and I would hug you every day. We would visit the market all the time to get rice pudding and red bean cakes. In all of my hopes and dreams, you would grow up to be the beautiful, intelligent daughter of a proud mom. You would have a wonderful husband and live happily ever after. But I know fairy tales aren’t real. If I were to keep you here in China with me, you would only face the same inequality that many women face in China. And perhaps you too would feel the torment and heartache of having your child snatched from you...No; the life that I can give you would only smother your imagination, extinguish that spark inside you. There’s so much more out there that I can’t give you.

And honey, you are a wonder of the world. You are as stunning as the Great Wall, as remarkable as the terracotta army. You’re the aurora borealis, flowing and swirling through the night, dancing in shades from green to red to purple. They say to reach for the stars, but honey, I say that those stars are just stepping stones on your way out of our galaxy. I believe that you will sail past stars and through Milky Ways to greater things, with stardust in your hair. But remember to look back. Remember to look back at this Pale Blue Dot we call Earth. There are people who climb the highest mountains, and scuba dive in the deepest depths of the ocean. And I want you, too, to know what that feels like. To be an insignificant being in the ocean, at the bottom of the food chain. Or on top of the highest peak, surrounded by the Universe’s work of over billions of years, rising and leveling entire mountains.

And honey, be the one to shake the earth. Turn this world upside down in search of independent thought, gender equality, civil rights. You are a lion; let them hear you roar. Yes, the universe is a grand place and you should scream at the top of your lungs to fill this space. But remember, the universe-it doesn’t owe you anything. Don’t spend your life spitting fire because you think the universe owes you something, otherwise, you’ll end up in flames yourself.

There’s so much I have to say, and I might not be your mom, but I will proudly take the title of mother. You are made from my bones, my flesh, my blood. And I will always be a part of you. So when your umbrella is blown away by the wind, when you are feeling blue, when you begin to drown in your own sea of heartache just remember: you carry the strength of your mother and so much more. You are unstoppable; you are truly extraordinary.

“Do you accept the terms and conditions of the adoption?”

Yes, I do. (someone knocks at the “door”)

Yes, come in. Oh, oh you just need the papers? Let me sign really quick… (sighs, slowly signs last paper, hands it over)


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