You & I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017




You're the mother-tongue of my imagination
You're my world's center of fascination!
You're the verse of my song
You're the one with nothing wrong!

I's the foreign language that you'd to learn
I's the one that made your tables turn!
I's the blank verse of your poem
I's the one that had a lonely roam!

You're the ethos of my words unsaid
You're the pathos of my feelings dead!
You're the logos of my being why
You're the one that's the me of letter I!

I's the lie of truth that entered your life
I's the fake person because of whom you had to strife!
I's the irrationality that hovered you
I's the one that's your fate's false clue!

You're the silent consonant in the sheet
You're the soft string in the beat!
You're the song in real trust me dear
You're the one for whom I can say is here!

I's the alliterated /t/ in your way
I's the harsh spark of the ray!
I's not a song but a tattered piece of art
I's the one that once "used to be" your part!

You're the bestseller novelist of century you know
You're the best singer whose songs have a natural flow!
You're the painter who paints so well
You're the one in which my soul had to dwell!

I's the struggling writer for sure
I's not a good singer but so poor!
I's the painter that can only bring out pain
I's the one to whom every tear is in vain!

You're the first page of a romantic book
You're the invader at even first look!
You're the prologue beautifully written
You're the one who's truly smitten!

I's the last page of that book torn
I's the ugliest sentence weak and worn!
I's the epilogue that's poorly unfinished 
I's the one that'd to be from your life diminished!

You and I are one illusion in a same page
One is outside and the other is still in cage!
The gaps of hands are red of pulling bars so hard
Heart is shushed; mind's got a total retard!

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