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Welcome, this is where I write what I want for the future or what is going on right now. I wanted to share my real life story so if you like it stay tuned for more.

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017




Oh dear people, I’m going to describe my dream of the future about school and here we begin, I’m at school same classmates & friends, more new friends, new students, new teachers, projects and able to be sociable around me and now that I already explained what I think about around me will be, then now I will describe myself, we'll begin with meself skinny, slim, smart, educative, sociable, organized, out going, not shy if I present some project, I want to be on timel, never be late, never miss a class, be nice, have a squad, do all my homework, do everything even if I struggle or sleep late, never fail a class, be able to study better, be able to get 10 on every grade and every 4 partials, ok now that I’ve clear about me and my behavior let’s talk about my future over passing high school I mean about going to collage so yeah, I want to study hard to get to what I want, I want to study a career of art about animation and stuff like that, so I'm going to make a 3d or 2d or even both animation about what's in my imagination and put names of my family as characters, yes.

Now that I haved finish my future story let’s talk about my present, a.k.a. which is now, the today, what am I going to do, to get to that point, ok, I will start studying forordinary ( ordinary is an exam that teachers give to you if you fail an exam in any subject to get to a good grade and save the school year and not flunk (also this at the end of school year).) so I’m doing history, chemistry, math (maybe), language I really but really want to pass the exams because it’s my chance to keep going forwardand if I fail it, I still have chance to make another 3, it’s like this => ordinary 1, ordinary2, extraordinary 1, extraordinary 2 and that’s the last one and if you fail it then you’re out of the school, so I want to pass the first so I won’t  do the others.

I need to study so much I even have been praying for everything, hmmm not that I been writing this I’ll write when I finish the exams to see how my life is going. Ok that all for today’s vlog, news or whatever it is so yeah, bye.



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