Tears Of A Hacker

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May you know we are trained for knowledge doesnt make us vulnerable. For unknown expedite gave us this source. Let us make this blind spot beyond our days here. :)

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



I dont steal computers,
But I know all devices can be hacked,
I dont deadfoot on legitimate programs,
But I risk losing your security and privacy,
I dont need your documents,
But I target information for money,
Today when you think about codes unwritten over Internet,
I am here always like a global problem being organised criminal gangs,
Why will this tears of happiness underground hole in your market place?
I like testing this online crime for the money I can generate,
But I am anonymous as I skip every destination of global map or countries,
We are never caught in the dark web where we sell this massive revolution,
Yet I have a desire,
You must not be reliant always on computers,
Yet continue to work even if computers fail,
I take global nature of internet for our advantage,
Cyber policing cannot always become our villan as we always evade their arrests,
Today you must be the most watchful hero through securing all you can be vigiliant here,
When civil liberation gives you access to information,
When internet freedom drive this curreny to power,
Our complication relationship is a cost for fighting real threats,
All you have to do is give us a hiring pitch for this untapped potential,
We are not always untamed criminals but can be others villans,
Our most watchful online world gives all a cause for fighting together,
In the last line of defense we create a new subculture on the Internet,
Today we reframe our identity as ethical hackers,
We love in the global story of your generations for many problems involved for satisfactions,
Today viruses are global problems not once written by Kids,
I ask you where they are comming from all we eat is not money,
If this session ask you something we cannot purchase,
I ask you for continuity to have a free online resource to backup your information,
Here in the beauty of our future I dont want your initiative to be lost,
Find people like us who can determine a time before the next sabotage attack ruins everything,
Give us this opportunity that cracking any computer system may not compromise the real threat,
From our different angle I see happiness,
Where everyone can freely access the reality of a true online future,
Where we will develop a security infrastructure that can be our digital safety system anywhere,
No powerplant especially nuclear reactors be ever compromised from generic attaks,
Those cyber weapons may not be worse targets of a mass destruction,
I always echoed limitless scripts that may not tempt us to break Internet's immune system,
Every universal illness we define must not evolve through technology we use everyday,
Our responsibility must drive a connection in this time,
We spark online solutions that can be powerful in our ethical research,
Our blindspots must be responding to train people,
Where such rural community workers get a job empowered to answer the call of this hour,
Today without a smartphone we may not bring them the technology to connect access  for this cause,
In a time I hack any device to remove whatever may fail,
When threats go universal where we can change this condition together,
We are so connected yet the illness is universal in the real aided system,
Does our ruralspot answer to call our neighbors in this universe for a response,
When we transform citizens where no condition is permanent,
I must say our facility must come from within local reorganized team,
Their center of promise comes from a diagnoise we learn from computing,
It sharpens people to find a sign that followup all provisions we must care,
Today if there is only a time any assistance for electric power fails to run this help for your devices,
A way we hack any system to support the necessary infrastructure far away from anywhere,
This remote investment for running a real system weakness must be launced as a donation for your survival,
All I learned at my hacking skills doesnt eat away,
With all help this creation has cared to give life anywhere through reusing every technology,
It makes my home so traced with dignity ethical in promotion for new solutions,
Today our will for transforming this condition in a remote anywhere manageable healthcare system,
Let what we build through the training sessions may be a protfolio,
To connect people with help for empowering many infinite units of innovations,
Our journey is not self-made for an unknown cause,
For this creation we are so connected,
May change a time to go always together. 

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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