Blood Lust...

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As if you could walk away.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



I stalk you from in the trees and tall grass.

I smell the hormones and wait for you to pass.

I smile and slide my back down against a tree.

You awake the animal in me.


Pale skin and dark hair.

Sharp teeth as a welcome mat to my lair.

You know I am close, I am near.

You smile and nod without fear.


I walk into a clearing of fog, pride holding up my whole body.

My mouth to your ear says that I'd like to be your little secret hobby.

The smirk on your lips releases a cloud of heat.

I bet your skin would melt upon my lips so sweet.


Your eyes scorch my soul.

Look at me like that again and I swear I'll lose control.

Go ahead and leave, walk out that door.

I'm an addict and will only want you more.


I'm everything they tried to warn you about in the past.

So delicious you'll do whatever it takes to make this last.

I don't need the dress nor the ring.

I just want your voice to scream that you're my king!


A finger sliding down your lips, neck, and chest.

Promise you'll serve me and do your best.

Worship me and you shall rise.

I'll be your trophy, your prize.


Creating the legends of your fame.

Just remember that I am something you cannot tame.


You use me and I'll use you.

A kingdom stretching over your view.

Let's see what your throne lust will bring.

Oh and baby...long live the king. . .










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