The Island

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People aboard a ship discover an island.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Island Section 1

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



Footsteps walking. Hey honey...ready for the cruise; asked Kyle. and you in Miami, alone. I can't wait; said Fiona. Both walk aboard ship. Police car pulls up. Doors open. Come with me; said Officer John. Be careful with him John. He's a slippery one; said Officer John Tim. Get movin'; said Officer John. Officer John, Officer Tim and Terry walk aboard. Footsteps walking. Door opens. Hey Captain; said Cameron. Hello you know. Two cops are taking a prisoner to Miami. So, just be careful aboard; said Samuel. The six of us are gonna have fun; said John S.

Your very funny John. Let's get something to eat, girls; said Jesse. I'll go find our rooms; said John S. Girls walk away. John S. exhales then walks away. Door opens. Get in there, you slime; said Officer John. If you need anything Terry, just ask. We'll be here; said Officer Tim. Door shuts. Ship horn blows. Engines start. Ship starts moving.

A Few Hours Later: Ship continues moving. Knocking on door. Door opens. I'm getting hungry; said Terry. I'll get you something. John, stay here. I know how you are; said Officer Tim walking away. Officer John mocks Officer Tim. Asshole; said Officer John.

Officer Tim walks past. Aaliyah, Kimberly, Tara, Jesse, Lisa and John eating. I can't believe this food. It's great; said John S. All agreeing. Kyle and Fiona making out. Clothes fall to floor. Ship moving then gets bumped. What was that; asked Cameron. I don't know. Ship stops then gets stuck. Engines flooding. Something's wrong; said Samuel. I'll check it out; said Cameron. Intercom turns on. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm. The ship is stuck. So in the mean time. Please return to your rooms; said Samuel.

Footsteps walking. Cameron looks over then walks back. I don't see anything; said Cameron. Samuel looks. Hey, an island. Get everyone to the side boats. Were going to that island; said Samuel. Intercom turns on. Everybody aboard the ship. Please ho to the skydeck. Eerie squeal. What was that; asked Cameron. Ship shaking. People falling. Intercom turns on. Everyone stay calm; said Samuel. Cameron looks out door. Tentacles appear. Captain; said Cameron. Dear God; said Samuel.

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