Make Your Day

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Finding motivation each day to achieve what you want can be tough. The many distractions and stressors often throw us off track to achieving our goals. This poem is for those looking for a small push and a little place to find guidance.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



It started off alright, woke up with my mind right to a bright sun light shining through the blinds of my room only to assume that today was going to be a good day. 

They say your energy flows where your attitude goes, so when you put your feet on the floor, you should be running for the door.  Don’t stand in the shower and wait for the water to get hot, jump in cold and let your body get shocked, get your mind locked, cocked and ready to rock with ideas to fire at the day, don’t wait!

 Look at the end result and see the bigger picture and when you’re ready, let your mind pull the trigger.  One shot one kill, don’t pray and spray, you won’t ever accomplish anything that way. 

Focus on your goals, but baby step down your path. It’s okay to be patient or otherwise you’ll crash. Oops… back to square one just sitting on your ass. 

 As you step out the door and the breeze hits your face, don’t forget to look up and always give thanks.  The will of the God is always in your favor, just make sure that you thank Him now rather than later. 

Strive for excellence as you work for His grace, for He is the one who provides you and opportunity the time and place. 

Colossians 3:23 always seems to speak to me, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” It’s like Jesus is speaking to me and this is what He said, “Working for perfection should always be your intention as the quality of your work speaks on the quality of your worth even more and to finish it all off with Colossians 3:24” “knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward, for you are serving Christ our Lord.” 

You want more out of life so don’t sit there and expect it, stop making decisions that cause you to wreck it. 

Sacrifice is the key to success when you really want to make it, just weed through the distractions to perfect your actions and let God guide you and watch what happens.  

 Set goals and stay on track, don’t worry about how many friends you attract or how many beers your friends are throwing back.  Those fools throwing away cash with every little sip, just to go back to stressing over stupid meaningless shit. 

It’s just some beers they say as they laugh and toke, but what successful people see is $10,000 a year up in smoke. 

Not me, not again, I’m gonna take advantage of what God has given. 

Every minute is a miracle, each day is gift and I’ll be damned to let another opportunity be missed. 

Watch out world, here I come, fee-fi-fo-fum, I’m walking to the beat of my own fucking drum. 

Get out of my way if you’re not walking with me, nothing personal, I’ve just got places to be, but if you want to work hard and support my dreams, then you can roll and have a seat by to me. 

Don’t stress, be blessed and you’ll achieve success. There is no secret, there is no luck, get rid of all the shit and just focus on what you want, because everything else is all just a front.

Start your day with your dreams in your mind, manifest your future while you hustle and grind, but watch out for all these meaningless actors, they’ll run you dry like a saltine cracker.

Coat tailing like a bitch they’ll be the first to claim that they were the biggest playa in your success game.  You know the truth and how hard you worked, put it all to the Lord and you’ll see what works.

 Success is short lived when you really didn’t earn it; you take advantage of things and then end up burnt. 

Don’t waste your day, don’t waste your time, this is your life and it’s your time to shine!

Stay focused and set goals, be the best at whatever you do and I promise you, your success will come true.

- Ryan Duffee, June 2017

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