Nature to Me

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Go outside.
Sit under a tree.
Close your eyes.
That's nature to me.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



 Nature to Me 

A- Leaves crunching under my feet,

A- Woodpeckers  peck-pecking  along to my beat,

B- Seasons come then they go,

B- Summers of heat follow winters of snow.


A- Leaves change colors as a mood ring, and descend to the ground,

A- Happily boys and girls play all around,

B- As animals prepare for Winter’s sleep,

B- The snow of winter starts to creep.


A- The plants areswallowed by Winter’s  frosty freeze,

A- And blown away by spring’s breeze,

B- Flowers begin blossom and grow,

B- School is nearly out, it’s almost time to go.

A- So nature ,as you can see,

 A- Is often changing, constantly,

B- Nature will never be the same,

B- Because seasons go as swiftly as they came.

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