Mrs. Cali, Nickel, and Me

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A short by me about three bumbling people. I don't own the rights to the image. It is a CC image.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017




“Yes Nickel.”

“Does it seem like we are being watched?”

“Well not necessarily.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, I don’t know, what do you mean?”

“I don’t know either.”

“First tell me what you are saying.”

“I’m not completely sure now.”

“But, I thought you brought up the question Nickle.”

“That was when I thought so. Now is different.”

“I don’t understand that.”

“Neither do I.” Said the confused women in unison with each other. At least that was what I had heard from my perch beneath the very prickly brambleberry bush. I dared not crouch or get up in fear of getting pierced by those threatening branches and leaves. They tickled at my concerned brow and threatened to make me sneeze or cough from the feeling. I shifted in position and a small thorn poked into my side. It nestled softly within the folds of my coat. I was okay for now. I just merely needed to sit still and not fidget. However, I find that impossible because I AM a Dynyam. Or at least was one in the beginning. I can’t seem to stop with this fidgeting, it is getting the better of me. O dear me, they are at it again.

The two women seemed to be back in a pinprick of an argument over something so small. Something odd that I could recall very well. Something about the where’s and what’s. Only, I can’t seem to recall exactly what it was. O yes, I remember very vividly now.

They were speaking of the great picnic that the Dynyam party hosted. There had been a great call of celebration in those times, well to be exact only about two months ago, but much has changed since then. The park was lush in the spring meadow, and the sky was a pure and brilliant blue that reflected the sea. The clouds were our shade, and they were our fish in the sky. We imagined and chatted amongst them and had the merriest of times. Only it happened very quickly that the good time passed and was morphed into something worse. It seems as if vexing me with an ill spell by the clouds above would do me a great deal.

We had been a tumbling about and chattering so much that I forgot the most important of things. My slipper. O, how I felt like Cinderella at the time. If only there a prince charming out there that would, - O nonsense, that doesn’t matter. So, I sat at the edge of the lake alone feeling as if the very life of me had left. What is a woman with only one shoe? Such distasted had enveloped me and soon my spell of distraught settled deeper. My wits settled and soon, I was happy again. Well, sort of. In a way, I was because I had an idea that would make me happy. Ideas that make will make me happy make me happy. Only, that idea was sure to get me into a great deal of trouble. It was a prank. Yes, a beauty of a prank. Wonderful, and so wonderful! Yet, if I were to be in trouble, that probability is high, then I would be in trouble.

So, I sat they’re on the bank dealing with my poor self and soon, I was accompanied by my two supposed friends at the time; Nickel, and Caly. The swished their small feet in the water and I felt as if it was my chance to be happy again. After all, they were my friends, so they wouldn’t get me in trouble. At least that was what I thought, because soon after I was sent home for something I can’t even pronounce and I was kicked from the Dynyam club for good.

Now I’m here under the brambleberry bush. Waiting for redemption, and courage to speak up for my own poor sake. My poor sake. My poor, despairing sake. The shouting doesn’t stop and my mind turns to reality.

“Caly” said Nickel. I can still here all there words from this spot.

“Yes Nickel.”

“You are really dumb.”

“No, I’m not.”

“What does that mean.”

“I don’t know. What does it mean?”

“Who knows?” they said in unison. Well, I said it also, but in a hushed and pained whisper.

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