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Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



“I…am…not…Alone…” As the clock strikes six, my mom shouts up to me, “Jack! We’re leaving now.” I walk to the end of the hallway and stand at the top of the stairs. “Ok, what time will you be home?” I asked, “We should be back around eleven, are you sure you can handle being Alone for that long?” I roll my eyes, “Do I look twelve, I can handle it” Besides I was almost 16 years old why would she even question it. “Alright, we will see you at eleven. Love you” “Yep, Love you too.” The door shuts and I hear the lock click, I was Alone at last. I walk downstairs and sit on the couch, I grab the remote and turn on the TV. “We now have a breaking news story, an insane asylum escapee…” Ugh the news, I quickly switch the channel, ah much better. I decide to grab something to eat, chips and pop, the best combination of food. I walk to the pantry and the fridge and set the chips and pop on the table, now time to find a good movie to watch. I look through all the movies we own, ah Friday the 13th, I could go for some horror right now. I put the movie in the DVD player and sit back down. A few hours pass and I find myself dozing off near the end of the movie until… RING… RING …My drowsy eyes shoot open as the phone rings. Its 9pm who the hell is calling at this time. I grab the phone, “Hello?” ...” One…Two…Buckle my shoe” What the hell, “Who is this and what they hell are you talking about??” …” Three…Four…I’m at the front door” Suddenly the lights go out, and the person on the phone starts to chuckle then hangs up. I sprint to the door to make sure it’s locked. Ok, calm down Jack it was just some sick person trying to scare you, maybe a fuse blew and that’s why the lights went out. I look out the peep hole, no one. See your all Alone, it was just someone trying to scare you. I walk back to the living room and grab my phone, Well If there is no power then I might as well go to bed. I start heading upstairs when I hear a faint tapping on the window downstairs. I peek my head down, In the dark all I could make out was a dark figure walking past the window to the back of my house. I instantly run upstairs and lock myself in my room. I try and call my mom but she doesn’t pick up, I start to panic. I try calm myself, maybe it was just an animal, or you’re really tired and your seeing things, there is no one here and I’m Alone. I lie in my bed and try falling asleep but all I can think about is the dark figure …SMASH… I jump out of my bed, I quickly grab my phone and run into my closet. All I hear is the sound of broken glass crunching under someone’s feet then silence. I quickly dial 911. “Jack…I know you’re here somewhere…Come out wherever you are…”. The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs gets louder until there right outside my door. “911, What’s your emergency?” I put the phone close to my mouth, “Help me” I whisper. “I’m sorry sir? What do you need help with?”. The door to my room creeks as its opened. “Jack…Where are you?”. I put the phone back up to my mouth. “I…” 


The End

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