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A teenage boy shares his story.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



Hello!  My name is Gaston LaPierre, but most people call me Gorilla, on account that I am so big.  I am only 13 years old, yet I stand six and a half feet tall in my stocking feet, and I weigh over 250 pounds.  I am built like a linebacker; in fact, during football season that's what I do: play on the football team, where I am (yep, you guessed it) a linebacker.  I have longish dirty blonde hair and grey eyes and freckles on my nose and cheeks, which I absolutely hate; but I inherited those from my mother (gee, thanks, Ma!!).  I do have my dad's chin and smile and I am built like him too, whereas Ma is petite and very short: she's not even 5' tall.

I will probably be pushing seven foot (or even surpass it) according to my pediatrician.  So I have a lot of growing left to do; I won't be 18 for five more years. *Sigh*  

I have two brothers: Stanlislaus (Stan), 18, and Brick (10); I'm stuck right in the middle.  We don't have any sisters; it's the testosterone gang here with the exception of poor Ma; I really feel sorry for her, that she has to put up with MEN.  LOL  But she's a great mother; I really get along great with her.

When I grow up, I want to play professional football (natch!), or want to go into the Marines after I graduate from high school.  Or I want to work with kids with disabilities.  My mom does that, and she's really good with the kids.  Dad, meanwhile, works for the Platt (Nebraska) School District; he is a football coach (yeah, the team I'm on!!).

I want to work, but am a bit too young yet.  I hope to get a job at Subway or maybe Pizza Hut when I turn fifteen or sixteen.  So until then, all I can do is go to school and do my best and try to keep my grades up.  Well, I did just that, and I am not worried about advancing to the next grade, which is ninth grade; yes! I start my first year of high school! I am so excited; I can't wait until September!!

I don't really mind being called Gorilla by the other kids (or by my brothers), but when they start making ape sounds and start scratching their armpits or beating on their chests, well, that's where I draw the line.  I am a HUMAN being, NOT a danged ape!!  I just happen to be big for my age is all!

Well, I hate to go, but I'm waiting for the school bus to come; today was the last day of school; we don't go back until the day after Labor Day! Whoo Hoo!! Three months of freedom!!  Yeah, I can dig it .... :) Can't wait for summer vacation, which starts as soon as the bus comes! Come ON, school bus!!  :)  Will write in here again soon, another day; take care and God bless! This is your new friend, Gorilla LaPierre , signing off!

*Gorilla.  :)

*end of part one!*

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