The Mirage

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Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



 As i put my whisky glass down and start to write something about my life, Mirage is what comes to my mind, yes that’s what i think !.


My first encounter with mirage was when i was a child and was travelling to my uncle’s place in a car. That excitement to sit on the front seat with the driver, ohh it felt even better than winning a million dollar lottery. Looking through the windshield the whole road covered with trees on both sides, felt like a road in heaven, the breeze coming in and touching your face and hair gave a soothing feeling, i felt like a king who just came out of his Castle to roam in his kingdom on a Royal chariot. The long road ahead and the comfort of the car made the whole scene mesmerizing. I kept my whole concentration on the road looking at everything i could see and notice; the road, trees, long fields with crops, cars, people on bike, bullock cart, bicycle. But the best part was a completely empty road, no vehicle, no animal, no man, just a straight empty road. As i was enjoying the sight of this empty road, suddenly  i saw that thing at a long distance ! Yes it was far but it looked so strange, it was something very interesting yet an entirely new experience, something an innocent child’s brain cannot fathom at first sight. “What is that?” i exclaimed ! . To my surprise no one found it so exciting, but why?. It's so apparent, so real, just in front of you, you can clearly see that, it’s water on the road, yes just like a shallow river crossing the road. There came the voice of my mom sitting on backseat, “It’s a MIRAGE”. A Mirage? What is that, it’s water flowing on road not mirage. My curious mind wanted to know what this thing was and as the car was nearing the water flow i was getting impatient to see it and prove others they are wrong and it is in fact water or a river. As we drove near and near, to my surprise the water started to disappear slowly, as the vehicle reached the spot the water was gone, it simply disappeared!. How, why; i saw it with my eyes and it still disappeared, how is it it possible?. It was like a dream, you see something in a dream, you are about to come closer to it and suddenly you wake up, realizing it was a dream. Still My stubborn mind was not ready to accept. As i sat on my seat disappointed thinking about the sighting,  to my surprise i saw that thing again!. This time i did not shout but was determined not to miss what it is. The vehicle moved speedily closer to the water and my excitement was at the top, yes i am going to witness it, but Alas ! as we came closer, it again disappeared, Man !, what is this. It is, but it is not, how is it possible. I saw something with my bare eyes in broad daylight and it doesn’t exist !. This is called Mirage…?


That was a great opportunity to understand what life is, it's a Mirage, it’s an illusion, a dreamy state, but still we hanker for it, just like the child who thinks he is going to encounter it and going to prove others wrong, but it never happens. Mind is a strange phenomena, even if it understands something, it will ignore it as long as it does not fit its criteria. As we grow old we encounter a mirage every single day, we try to catch it and it slips through our hands. Again we get up next day and encounter new mirage and again it slips and the cycle continues.


 So this experience taught me that even if i see something it could be false or an illusion. OK, agreed!. But still as i already mentioned our mind is a strange phenomena, it will still look for new experiences, new wonders and it is ready to accept anything even if it is an illusion.


I am 14, my dad has a government job which requires him to change the place of his work every 3-4 years. Here I am, in a new town, new people, new school. I still remember the day i went to this school and i was sitting outside the Headmaster's office, my dad and one of his friends having a discussion with the Headmaster for my admission. All i could hear was my dad saying we transferred to this town recently and need admission for my son. My dad came out of the office and told me i have to join this school from tomorrow. I was a little bit nervous but happy that i will go to a new school.


The day dawned, first day of new school ! Excited but nervous. I reached school on time, the teacher told me to  stand in a line for morning prayer, i did. Of course it was a strict and disciplined school and i had to adjust to it. The Prayer was over and we all went to our respective classrooms. The class teacher came and started the attendance. Suddenly he uttered my name ! i was like “Present Sir !”. “So Class, here is our new student, he is joining today welcome him”. All the eyes towards me, i was like an alien who appeared on earth. After a few strange glances the class went back to normal. The roll call went on and suddenly a name was called, her name, she said “Present sir”, i looked at her, she was so fair and beautiful, i could not take my eye off her. Is this a dream !. She was like a fairy tale just like i saw in my dreams !. (to be continued...)


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