October 31st

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



There were two women named April and Cindy, they were getting ready to put their Halloween costumes on and have a party at their house. Meanwhile at the party April and Cindy met two guys and they are brothers, their names were Jasper and Oliver. Cindy took ecstasy and had too much to drink, she was nearly going to pass out lucky Oliver got to her in the nick-of-time. Cindy saying in her drunk voice I’m so Horny! Oliver replies ok let’s get you to bed, as Oliver puts Cindy to bed he returns to the party. April thanks Oliver for looking after her sister, Oliver says anytime. They continue dancing drinking and having a good time at the party. Jasper thanks April for an amazing party’ it was time for them to head home, April turned off the music and said thanks everyone for coming, as everyone left the party’ April turned off all the lights and she decided to go to bed. The next morning Cindy woke up and walked in the kitchen’ she yawned and said what happened last night, April responded you were drunk as fuck. April Receives a call from work, Hey Cindy I got to go to work will you be fine Cindy replies yeah! If you need anything you know my number call me! Ok! April got in her car, and drove to work, it took one hour for her to get to work, because of traffic.


She walked in and said, I’m sorry I’m late bloody traffic, April is a nurse at Summerhill Mental Institute, she’s got a very difficult job, looking after people with a Mental illness. There’s a Teenager Named Skully Doyle, he got sent to Summerhill because of his Mental issues and Depression, His File also says he got sent there because he killed a boy named Hunter Bennett, they went to the same school together. Hunter has a younger brother Named Eric, they used to pick on Skully all the time, Skully got his revenge on Hunter, his next target is Eric. Skully went to ask April if he’s got any visitors coming in today, April lets him know there was no visitors for him today, Sorry Skully! Maybe Tomorrow! It suddenly became night time Skully head back to his room, saw the rain pouring outside from the window, he was wondering in the hallways April caught him, Skully why are you wondering in the hallway? I’m Thirsty! Ok, come on! April gave Skully a glass of water Skully its time to go to bed! I will take you to your room, Can I please just stay up for ten minutes, Skully! Please Nurse April! Please! Ok, just ten minutes, April leaves Skully’s Room, Skully Sat on the chair and stared out the window, when time was up, Skully Listened to April, and went to bed.







April and Cindy decided to have a Sister’s Night out, they went to Lakesville Night Club They decided to drink and have fun, meanwhile Jasper and Oliver showed up. April, Cindy, Jasper and Oliver sat in the booth they were talking, drinking and having a good time, Suddenly April Receives a call from work, saying Skully Collapsed, there was no other nurses available, so they needed April there. April Apologizes and says there’s something going on at work, I got to go! can we catch up Again, Jasper responded Yeah Sure! April had to rush to get to Summerhill, what happened? I went to go to Skully’s Room, he collapsed, he was just lying there on the ground. April Gave Skully some medication to put him to sleep for a while, Doctor Riley Thanks April for the help, and she asked him anything else he needed, nah that’s it, go home get some rest, Thanks, goodnight Doctor Riley Goodnight! when April got home she called Cindy on the phone and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie tonight at home, Cindy said yeah, ok! Do you need me to come pick you up? Jasper and Oliver said they were going to drop me off, I’m coming now, I will see you soon! alright!

April and Cindy picked a Horror movie to watch Tonight, Called Halloween, they are a huge fan of Michael Myers! April said to Cindy How Michael Myers Kills People, that reminds me of Skully from Summerhill, he went to school with this kid named Hunter, Skully Murdered him! that’s why he’s got mental issues and depression, the cops send him to Summerhill, his poor family, it must be tough for them. Cindy said to April do you know why Skully killed Hunter? his file says Hunter and his younger brother Eric bullied him at school a lot, now Skully wants to go for Eric, man that’s fucked up! Yeah true. April lets Cindy Know it’s getting late, and it’s time for them to hit the sack, don’t let the boogeyman scare you! very funny April! April wanted to read a book for a little while before she goes to bed. Cindy prayed, so she doesn’t have a nightmare, she decided to put earphones on for music, because that puts her fast to sleep.











October 31st, it was a cold Halloween night, Skully got sick of staying at Summerhill, because it was boring, he was planning to go after his enemies, he planted a bomb in the building, it blew up the whole building, Skully managed to Escape, he walked for 30 minutes to get to his house. Skully walked to the front door, he tried to open it, it was locked! He kicked the door down, Skully’s Dad Travis, Shouts! What the fuck was that! He got up and looked straight at Skully, Skully walks slowly towards Travis, Skully Please! Skully stabs him multiple times, He left the house, his mind was thinking, he wants to go searching for more of his enemies. Detective Smith called Doctor Riley at midnight explaining what happened at Summerhill He told him it’s a fucking nightmare Doctor Riley said alright I’m on my way. when Doctor Riley arrived at Summerhill, he had a Shocked look on his face, that is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen, Yeah! Apparently, he planted the bomb, it blew up the whole fucking building! Yeah I can see that! Where do you think, he’s heading? Home! Where’s Home! Lakesville!

Doctor Riley Lets Detective Smith Know That Skully is on the move, he must warn Skully sister Mary, too keep her

Daughter, Jamie! Safe. Doctor Riley told the news to Mary about Summerhill, Mary Responded I am so sorry, Doctor Riley! don’t be, were all doing our jobs to catch him, just make sure you and Jamie are safe ok, Yeah! ok! in the morning Mary and Jamie went to the park Jamie went to go play on the playground Mary saw April sitting down, and watching the kids play, Mary went to take a seat, then Mary and April were talking Mary said to April I know it’s none of my business, do you work At Summerhill? Yeah! Why? Doctor Riley told me about the Incident that Happened there, April says in a curious voice how come Doctor Riley told you the news, because I’m Skully’s Sister! That’s my daughter over there, her name is Jamie. Does Jamie know about it? She’s too young to understand her uncle has got mental issues and depression maybe when she’s a bit older she will understand. I should go nice to meet youuuu! What was your name, Mary! Take care Mary you too April, April Jogged around the block, then jogged on her way home









April, Cindy, Jasper and Oliver decided to go out to dinner, at the diner, they all sat down, they ordered what they want to eat and drink, and they were having a conversation, Jasper thought if there was anything wrong with April, April said to Cindy Jasper & Oliver I need to tell you guys something! I Met a woman at the park yesterday, she turns out to be Skully’s Sister, Jasper says in a curious voice who is Skully? A boy at Summerhill! who’s got mental issues and depression! Is that why you had to go to work the other night, yeah! there was an incident, Oliver said what happened? He planted a bomb, and it blew up the whole building, Detective Smith and Doctor Riley are trying their best to catch him. Jasper asked April can we drive past there I know there’s nothing to see but we can go for a little drive and we can drop you guys back home April responded yeah sure, Thanks! April, Cindy, Jasper and Oliver left the diner, then headed to the car, it took Jasper thirty-seven minutes to get to Summerhill. April asked Jasper if him and Oliver wanted to come over to her house, Are you sure! Yeah! Us four can have a movie night, ok sounds good! They arrived at Summerhill Jasper says Fuucckk! Skully did this? April said, Unfortunately Yes!

Oliver Responded Man this kid must be fucked up, Cindy Commented, Yeah! true that. They saw the building wrecked, now there on their way to April and Cindy’s House, they all went inside the house, straight to the lounge room, would you guys like a drink? Yeah! thanks, sit down guys make yourselves at home, I will be right back! Cindy, could you help me please! Cindy tells April she likes Oliver, April said true! I like Jasper, let’s try to act natural ok! here you go guy’s, thanks! Do you guys want to watch Friday the 13th yeah! sure! April, Cindy, Jasper and Oliver looked straight at the Television, and enjoying the movie, meanwhile! half way through the movie, Jasper says to April, thanks for inviting them! they had to go, ok! Goodnight Jasper! Goodnight Oliver! Goodnight. Jasper and Oliver were talking on their way home, Jasper saying he likes April, and Oliver said I like Cindy, they suddenly arrived home they wanted to go to bed because they were feeling very tired Have a good sleep mate! You too.










Nellie is a good friend of Mary’s, they went to the same school together, that was 17 years ago! Mary called Nellie and asked if they wanted to catch up Nellie told Mary she’s got plans with Kevin, Kevin is Nellie’s Boyfriend they have been dating for 5 years, they decided to celebrate their anniversary, they went to a fancy restaurant in Lakesville, they stayed one hour there to have their dinner. After they had their dinner, they went home, to spend some time together, for their anniversary, they were making love in the bedroom.

Out of nowhere! The power went out! Kevin went to get a torch, then he goes in the basement to check the power box. Kevin slipped and fell to the ground Skully stands in front of him, Kevin then Shouts! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Skully sliced Kevin with an axe, as the blood spurted everywhere. Nellie was wondering what’s taking Kevin so long, she got out of the bed, walked in the basement she couldn’t see at first then the lights, out of nowhere just turned on! she sees Kevin lying dead on the ground she panicked oh my god! She quickly runs upstairs to the bedroom.

Nellie called Mary, she was panicking on the phone, Mary told her to calm down, Nellie said to Mary in a tearful voice I was walking down in the basement I saw Kevin lying dead on the ground there’s blood everywhere, please help me Mary! Skully grabs Nellie then stabs her in the back Hello! Nellie! are you there? Trick or Treat Mary! Hello! The call ended. Mary called Detective Smith and she explained to him my friend Nellie she might be in Danger, alright! Mary! Calm down! what is her address? Forty-Two Riddle street Lakesville, I will go there right now, please call me when your finished there, I want to make sure she’s ok, sure will do!














Detective Smith arrived at Nellie’s House he sees two dead bodies which was Kevin and Nellie, Detective Smith Called Mary telling her that Kevin and Nellie were found dead, Mary panicked and said I’m on my way. Both Mary and the Ambulance arrived at the same time, they were bringing the bodies out to put them in the van Mary busted into tears and she could not believe this was happening. Because Kevin and Nellie were Killed, Mary knew Skully was Responsible, she is not impressed, Mary was Angry and Upset Because she lost her Best Friend. Detective Smith Told Mary to go home and get some rest, when Mary got home she went to sleep for a little while but the nightmares keep coming to her, she went in the lounge room, sat on the chair, next to the window and stared outside the window, Mary got up from the chair! then went to the kitchen to drink two glasses of wine, to drink away her sorrows! Mary Called her ex-husband Jeff to see if he can watch Jamie, While Mary goes out to see a Psychiatrist.

Mary got called into the room, Hello Mary! I’m Rachel! I am a Psychiatrist, you can tell me anything and it stays between us I promise, I’m here to help you. Mary Explains her Situation about her brother Skully to Rachel, Rachel can understand this is so hard for Her, Rachel has written a Prescription for Mary, she told her to get plenty of rest and I will see you in two weeks, thankyou Rachel! Your Welcome! Mary went to get her Medication from the Pharmacy, she suddenly arrives home Jeff says all good, Jamie is asleep, ok, thankyou Jeff! Goodnight! Goodnight! Mary went to check on Jamie, she stands at her bedroom door, after that Mary went Straight to her room, even though she’s going through a rough time, she will remember the good memories she had with Nellie.














Family and Friends of Kevin and Nellie, all headed to Lakesville Cemetery, Father Matthew was giving a eulogy for Kevin and Nellie, everyone there started crying, and it hurted them so much, Mary looked across from the cemetery, and had a Hallucination! that Skully was standing there, then she rubbed her eyes and he was gone. Father Matthew said Mary would like to say a few words Kevin and Nellie’s Parents are yelling and saying she has no right to be here Skully is her Brother and our kids are dead and it’s all your stupid Mental Brother’s Fault Mary responded in a yelling voice don’t you think I know how you guys feel I liked Kevin and Nellie a lot they were good friends of mine I’m ashamed what my brother did! I Support Kevin and Nellie more than Skully, sorry to waste your time I’m going! Mary walks away and leaves the Cemetery, as soon as the ceremony was finished, Father Matthew went up to Kevin and Nellie’s Parents and said guys I know your upset, we all are, but honestly it’s not Mary’s fault! You guys want to know the truth! She doesn’t even like her own Brother, so you guys should apologies to her! Since Father Matthew had the talk with Kevin and Nellie’s Parents, they felt bad, they all went to Mary’s House and Apologized. Mary accepted their Apology, and said are we good? Were good! Mary asked if they wanted to come in, they said nah sorry! its getting a bit late! we must get home, but! how about a rain-check, Mary Responded Yeah Sure! I just wanted to say sorry for your loss guys, thanks Mary we Appreciate it! they smiled and hugged each other, then they headed back home. The next day Mary Decided to go visit her Aunty Martha in an aged-care home, she brought Jamie with her! because she wanted Jamie to meet Martha, when Martha saw Mary with Jamie, she Had a surprised look on her face, she was so Happy that she had a visitor. Mary and Martha talked for a while, Martha said to Mary she is so happy to see her and Jamie, but! it’s not safe for them to be here Mary thought her Aunty Martha is having second thoughts, Martha had to explain to Mary about Skully, since he did that crime at Summerhill, in god’s name he could be anywhere, right now! like roaming the streets. Thanks for the visit, but! I want you guys to be safe, ok Aunty Martha! before we go I like to ask you something, Jamie’s birthday is in two weeks would you like to come? sure love, I will be there! ok see you then! Mary and Jamie left the building, they walked for twenty minutes, until they got home, it became night time, as Mary and Jamie were walking home, they heard a noise they stopped and looked around, then they continue walking! Skully was standing across the road from Mary’s House then, he sees her and Jamie walking inside.








  April and Cindy decided to go on an adventure to hunt Skully down, April says let’s go to his house, Cindy says we don’t have his address yeah we do! It says it on his profile from the institute oh yeah true! When they arrived at Skully’s house April and Cindy took a selfie and send the photo to Jasper and Oliver, April and Cindy walked inside the house and looked around everywhere inside the house, Footsteps approaches to April and Cindy Skully KnockedBoth April and Cindy to the ground. Skully Picked them up and bought them to the basement, he puts Duct Tape over their mouths, and tied their Arms and Legs with a rope, they made muffling noises with their mouths, Skully leaves the basement for a little while, then he goes to his room. Jasper was telling Oliver April and Cindy might be in Danger! they’re at Skully’s House we need to go, Now! As they quickly got in the car Jasper was driving too fast, Oliver tells him to calm down, No Oliver! I won’t calm down, what if Skully’s Got Them Huh? Ok you’re right, this is serious! Your Damn Right! They finally arrived at Skully’s House Jasper Parks the Car and they both quickly get out of the car, Jasper we need to be Careful I Know! They go inside the house, then they go straight to the basement they both whispered Omg! They went to untie April and Cindy, as They spoke in a crying voice he’s Crazy we need to get out of here! Alright Let’s go! They were Escaping, as Skully Caught them, Jasper Grappled with Skully, Oliver then went to punch Skully in the face, Skully stabbed the knife on Oliver’s Right Leg they quickly rescued Oliver they got to the car, went inside, they shouted Go! Go! Oliver was in pain had blood on his leg he was breathing and breathing, April and Cindy said its ok Oliver! Jasper was saying to Oliver hang-in-there mate, were going to take you to the Hospital. They drove for fifteen minutes to get to the hospital, as soon as they arrived, Jasper, April, and Cindy Helped Oliver to get in the hospital Jasper says excuse me! we have an emergency, my brother has been stabbed on his right leg, the Hospital Staff went to put Oliver in the wheelchair, Doctor Mason Murray, said it’s Alright! We will look after your brother, when I know more news, I will let you guys know! They responded Thanks Doc! April Calls Detective Smith and lets him know that her Friend Oliver, has been stabbed in his right leg, Detective Smith asked April when did you last see Skully? At His house! Four police cars went to Skully’s House, and by the time they got there, Skully has Escaped.

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