Shell Shock

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A soldier loses his sanity in the trenches, while his captain looks for him.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



My ears ringing, the constant explosions flinging mud and blood everywhere. I was coated in the blood of my brothers, coated by the mud. All the sound dropped out. The sun setting creating an ominous lighting. The flashes of distant explosions. I couldn't process all the death around me. I left my safe home for a life in the trenches. A life of everlasting fear. I heard a soft giggle come from around the corner. The sound managed to push through the cries of raging war. I crawled towards the source through the thick mud. I heard my captain scream at me, but paid no attention. Something else demanded my attention. I crawled around the corner slowly. Then I saw it. It was reared over, the dim sunlight reflecting off its burnt flesh. I let out a soft groan, and it snapped its neck towards me. Its face was dark and inhumane. It had eyes blacker than a cold winter night. Its teeth were small and crooked. It stared into my eyes, and into my soul. I began to hobble disgustingly towards me. Then I let out a scream and ran for my life.


I was talking to the general about our orders when I heard a blood-curdling scream. A young private came sprinting around the corner, a look of sheer terror on his eyes. I grabbed him by his shirt harshly and pulled him to me. "Get yourself in order, Private!" He stared into my eyes, but it was like he didn't see me. "Are you listening to me? Get back in formation!" I screamed loudly, right in his face. Once more he stared blankly at me. I didn't know what to do. Then he leant in and whispered in my ear "I can't sir, it's coming for me" He said the words so softly and calmly. He quickly kneed me in the rib cage, sending me to my knees in pain, as he sprinted off. "Jackson you take charge, I'll go find this fucking psycho!" A mature "Yes sir!" Signalled my departure, as I hurried off.


I had to leave. That fucking thing is after me. I heard its laughing behind me, the demonic cackling. The image of its horrible black face was scarred into my eyes. I ran into an underground bunker, searching for a place to hide. It was a captain's quarters. It had a small shelf and small bed. I quickly dived to my knees and crawled under the bed. The room was silent, spare for the sounds of gunfire and cracking in the distance. I took some time to catch my breath. It seemed that I had lost that fucking thing. I took several deep breathes, but once more I heard it. The laughing. It severed my breathing. I heard it creeping in. I finally saw it. It entered the room, hunched over and breathing heavily. It's black beady eyes were searching for me. With every small movement it made, I heard its flesh creak and crack. It walked awkwardly over to the small desk and began looking at the various objects. It was like it was studying this entire room. It had picked up a picture of the captain and his children. It slowly lifted the picture to its eyes. It began to make strange grunting sounds as if it were laughing. Now was my time to strike. I slipped out from by bed and got to my knees. I must've lost my gun in my sprinting. I took the knife out of my side pocket quietly, I began to stand up, taking the time to be silent. The floorboards strewn over the mud creaked softly. The thing stopped. I gasped as it stopped. Suddenly, it swung its arm around with incredible speed, smashing the picture against my face, slicing my skin. I hit the muddy wood hard, knocking the air out of my lungs. Before I could react, the demon had its hands on my shoulders holding me down. It stared deeply into my eyes. I saw the pit's of black pierce my soul. A smile grew on its blackened face, revealing human-like teeth. I screamed loudly. 


As I was asking a soldier if he had seen anything, I heard another scream, the same as before. Full of pure fear. I quickly began running to what seemed the source. I reached the captain's quarters, a small underground bunker. I ducked to enter the room. I saw the soldier lying on the floor. He screamed once more. He was seeing something I wasn't. He turned to me, looking dead at me. "Fucking shoot it!" His voice cracked as he screamed at me. "Shoot what?!?" I replied "FUCKING SHOOT IT NOW" He was about to destroy his vocal chords. I withdrew my pistol and shot once into the ground just beside him. 


I pushed the fucking thing off me, hoping it was dead. I stumbled over to the wall. My captain was staring at me, completely dumbfounded. "Thanks, Cap. I was sure I was going to die then" I quickly grabbed the pistol from his confused hands, and emptied the round into the thing. It made soft wheezing sounds, and finally, it went silent. I turned to the captain and asked him for another round. He reached for his ammo pouch and withdrew a magazine, never breaking eye contact with me. He slowly handed the magazine. I took it from his hands and loaded it into the pistol. "Thanks, Cap" I said as I raised the gun to my temple "I wonder what that thing was"  I smiled as I pulled the trigger, sending my brains all over the wall.

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