The hunt

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The modern hunt of modern man

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



The thought of the hunt has plagued me the first thing in the morning. The piece of wood is ready and needs to be tended to. I got up from bed and washed up. I kept thinking about the hunt. The prey that I am going to get later. The first rush of excitement passes through my body and for a moment I could hear my heart pumping. I took a deep breath and went out. There were people in the house, just family. I could not wait for them to go off. They said their usual good mornings and whatnot and I replied blankly. I forgot what was for breakfast, the mind is preoccupied with all the thoughts of the biggest, cutest prey that I am going to find later. The family asked again if I wanted to follow them to town to get something and I made up an excuse. The mind was screaming Get Out! Leave me alone! I smiled and said I wanted some free time to myself. The door closed behind them.

  I went to my favorite spot and quickly switched my machine on. It was on. The hunt is afoot. I looked around and made sure no one was going to surprise me later or rather I was going to surprise them with what I was doing. Everything was clear. With the dexterity of spider, I went to my preferred sites. There it was filled with everything I could ask for. I put on my earmuffs to block out the noise and prepared for the hunt. There were so many preys and for a moment I was lost. I focused and decided to aim my sights at some of them. Not this prey, too little meat. No not this, not in the position I want it to be. No, not this prey. I decided that this site was not giving me what I wanted and headed over to another site. I look around and it seems more promising. This prey has the potential, let me keep tabs on it and look for some more. I could not be satisfied with just one prey. It will need a few of them to make the hunt complete. I continue searching and going to different sites to see different preys. Yes, this prey is big enough. Yes, this prey looks good. Yes, this prey is in the perfect position. There were so many tabs on so many preys and it was time to start. The excitement, the rush came as I unzipped the package and took out my rifle. It was loaded and cocked. I took aim of one of the prey and set my sights on it. The prey was moving about, doing what it was supposed to it. I kept my aim at it not knowing when to fire and suddenly the prey stopped and was gone. The excitement start to die down and I needed that rush. I wanted to feel that rush. It was all that I could think of and see. I did not wish for it to stop. I wanted more, much more. I went to another prey that I have kept tabs on and set my sights on it and held my rifle in my hand. The world now seemed to consist of me and my prey.  There was no one else and no one can come between me and my prey. I looked and looked for more prey and it was getting better. I knew one of them had to be one to make me fire a shot. I was bombarded with so many moving preys at one time that I was almost in a blur, my heart was racing, and it cannot feel any much better. Time passed so quickly when one is in the hunt, I did not notice what time it was for I was so immersed in it. After what seemed like seconds, I counted that I must have watched at least a dozen prey come and go before me. It was crazy. This is what made me feel happy. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Who needs anyone else when I got the hunt. Who needs anything else. I go and search for more preys. The never ending amount of preys made me hooked on to the hunt, they will always be there when the whole world rejects you. When everyone you know disregards you. They do not judge you just as you do not judge them. They exist for my hunt, my pleasure. Yes! This shall be the prey today. I cocked my rifle again and took aim.  My hands were trembling, shaking as I felt the trigger. The perfect prey in the perfect position. This is it! I let it go. The bullets sprayed across the stomach and the prey stopped. It was dead.

  I cleaned up the mess. I felt tired. It was a tiring hunt and it took about 2 hours. The chores that I wanted to do I had them put aside. I just wanted to lay down again. I took a sip of water and lay down on my bed. That was fantastic, the hunt today was nice. It felt good as usual but I thought that I had found the perfect one. I begin to think about the previous preys that I had shot and they all came into the mind and flashed past me. They were all good. I relished in the pleasure they gave me and closed my eyes. I thought about hunting again. 

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