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short story of a girl and her mom

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



L i l y

 I should’ve known that she wouldn’t understand.

Just early in this morning, I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup, making sure that every blemish was covered. I didn’t want anyone to see my imperfections, my scars. The moment I had exited the bathroom, I was jumped on by my little Lily.

“I got you!” she giggled as she clutches on my arm. I swung her around and her smile was brighter than the morning sunrays shining on her face. She’s the light of my life. She’s the only thing I look forward to each day.

Lily followed me to the kitchen to help me prepare breakfast. I was slicing the vegetables when I almost cut myself in surprise. “Why are you and daddy always noisy in the bedroom?” she had asked. It almost rendered me speechless. The only word that managed to get out of my mouth was a “What?” I could see the confusion in her face. Maybe it wasn’t confusion. Maybe it was a face of curiosity. Genuine curiosity. “Not just in the bedroom, but the living room too, and even the kitchen!” she broke the short silence of my surprise and she continued.

“You and daddy are just playing, right? Like what the boys do in my old school?”
“Yes, my dear, your dad and I are just playing a bit of wrestling. It can get a bit noisy.”
“Wrestling? Wrestling is like fighting, right? Is that why he hits you a lot?”

I didn’t realize what she was talking about until I heard her ask that. I didn’t know what to tell her. I don’t think she can handle it if I told her. I don’t even think that I myself could handle it if I told her. It’s as if time froze for me to think of what to tell my daughter. The clouds covered the sunlight and the room got dimmer. So, I told my daughter, “Don’t worry, Lily. Daddy and I love each other.” Her head tilted and her look of curiosity changed into something else.

“Then why does he punch you?” she asked me. You can feel that her voice was about to crack. That’s why I had to say something to keep her from being sad.

“If a boy punches you, he loves you.”

The clouds passed and the room was bright again. “Okay!” her smile shines with the sun.

Our conversation went to different topics right after that. Food. People. Places. From how toys are made to why the sky is blue. You can never really tell what’s in the mind of a child. It wanders so much and it doesn’t even wonder about where it goes. I wish she stays like that. So small yet full of excitement. It’s as if it nothing in the world could ever hurt her.

Today is her first day at school. I packed her some mashed potatoes and onion rings and waved her goodbye as she ran to the school bus.

I don’t know what to do whenever my Lily isn’t home. I just do whatever I can to keep myself busy. Clean the house. Wash clothes. Hide in the bathroom. Fix my husband’s clothes. I don’t know.

Hours have passed and the sky was covered with clouds once again. I’m worried. It’s getting late. Where could my Lily be?

The doorbell rang. I opened the front door. My jaw dropped. My Lily… My poor Lily bloody and bruised. Drops of clear and red covered the tiles and concrete. My tears couldn’t just stay in my eyes. I had to ask what happened.

“The boys in school love me, mom,” she smiles.

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