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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



I am the casual girl. I'm the girl who when she's says she's not going to fall for someone she doesn't. I mean what I say. I rarely get attached and when I do I tend to let them know. I'm a direct person which makes me intimidating and sexy at the same time. Yet why is it that no one believes me when I say I don't love them? Why is it that no one quite believes I am capable of having a causal relationship? Even though I have had successful ones in the past. I don't find it difficult to distinguish sex from love, yet all assume that I must feel the later to participate in the former. That's not how it works! A causal thing is a causal thing and in order to keep it causal you have to been able to communicate. Tell each other your truths. If you're both on the same page no one will get hurt. However; this means you must not read into what is said, you can't fall behind and you can not read ahead. To have a causal thing is to not over think or get jealous. It's to have a bond, a trust that you are both getting out what you put in. You can not expect the other person to treat you like a significant other because they're not. They are not your partner, they are not even your lover they are person with whom you have sex. I get that sex is an intimate thing but that intimacy is on loan. You do not own it. It is not your prerogative to have that person to yourself. The rights that you have are to your mind, your body and your actions. If you begin to have feelings then the deal is no longer valid and a new one must be drafted. It is not your right to be mad if the other person does not share your desires to make a revised contract. You are entitled to your feelings but you are not entitled to take them out on someone whom does not share them. It is painful. I get that. But it was not the deal that was made. You can not expect to enter a causal thing and come out with a relationship. You can not expect to change someone's mind about you by sleeping with them. If your plan was to change my mind I'm sorry but that was not the position that I signed up for. I am no slut. I am no whore. I told you what I was. I am causal.

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