Why do you write?

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This is what a poem means to me and how it affected me as a writer.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



A Poem


I told myself “I would write a poem”
A poem.
for all the guys and girls I’ve met
For all those memories that I’ll never regret
For all those nostalgia that I’ll always feel
And for all those things where their end is near


But I forgot one thing
about writing a poem
About what a poem should be
Or what it really means to me.

I write words
Stuck in my mind
Overflowing with emotions
No sequences. Read it once,
No meaning
Read it twice: it’s still meaningless.


I’ve read it a lot of times
Going back and forth
Finding the means to its end
Realizing that what I write, meant a lot.


A poem: a sea of words,
An unending gravity
Full of pitch black
Full of innocence.


Poems are just play of words
Placed together by emotions
Arranged in a cathartic manner,
But it helps to pour out who I am
It helps to tell what I think
It helps to let people know how I feel.


Tell the world who I am.
Ask me anything and I wont respond.
I am a person drowning in reveries
Slipping in the midst of beginning and end.


That is a poem to me,
I am a poem
Waiting to be read.

© Copyright 2017 eeNicholas. All rights reserved.

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