Umi the godess of the sea

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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017




She could feel the water around her, it was even in her lungs at this moment. All she could think of was how peacefull it seemed, seing all the seacreatures around her. She looked up as she saw small glimps of the full moon, she smiled as she closed her eyes. Even if this was not meant to be her end, it feelt peacefull and quiet just like she wanted it to be. She could feel how everything around her stopped, it was almost like the time stood still as she looked around. Something wrapped itself around her as she the warmth of someone, it was a huge diffrence to the cold sea. Her eyes closed themselfs this time, she tried to open them but they stayed shut. 
"This is a new begining Utami"
A deep male voice was heard in her head, it was as clear as any voice. She could feel how the warmth around her, as something held her close. 

Utami had been a woman with great sucsess in life, she was married to a captain on a grand ship who often sailed around the world. They had a big family on four peoples, Utami often stayed home with their children as her husband worked. She loved the sea very much, and always seemed to have a longing to be there. She often took their children down to the beach, she was a rare kind of person peoples would say. Even when she struggled the hardest, her smile would always be seen on the womans lips. Her children were two little boys, the first boy was eleven years old. His name was Imber, he had the same shining smile as his mother. Nothing really seemed to bother him, he also loved water as much as his mother. Their second boy was Ardus, he was just eight years old  but yet he had a thinking brain just like his father.  They lived in a small house near the villige, even if times were hard they never seem to struggle much. 

She opend her eyes as she sat up, was it just a dream?. It all feelt so real down to the water filling her lungs, a small chill ran down her spine. She had woke up in an unfamiliar room,  all in this room were white down to the smallest of things. Her head hurted a bit as she stood up, where was she and how did she end up here. 
" So you finally decided to join us Umi"
She turned her gaze to one side of the room, her eyes met with a man staring at her. She just stood silent for a moment staring at the man, his eyes were like gold. His hair reached the lower part of his back, and had a ligther blonde tone to it. His arms and upper body carried white markings like tatoos, she was  mesmerized by the mans beuty. 
"So are you feeling alright Umi"
The mans voice woke her from her deep thoughts, 
"Uh yes....Wait...did you call me Umi?".
The name was not hears, she was Utami why did he call her Umi?.
"..That is your new name from now on... Umi godess of the sea"
She was about to protest to the new name when she heard the last part, which caused her to stop. 
He nodded silently as he smiled, 
"You were chosen to do great things Umi and your training to do so has just begun"
She just looked distrusting as she sat down on the bed again,
"But what about my children...and husband?".
The man chuckled as she mentioned them,
"That life belonged to Utami...She is dead and from her you were created". 
As she heard the word dead her blood froze,
"I-I Died?!"
He nodded slightly seeing her shock in her eyes,
"Yeah...It was then I decided to make you a godess....I guess you will need some time getting past this...I will come back later".
The man looked at Umi as he opend the door then closed it behind him, she sat frozen to the bed trying to remeber it all why? How? but it was to no use. 

It took some time before she came out of the room, her head peeked out before entering the big hall. The room seemed to shine in white, while some of its decor was more colorfull. Besides her door there was three more, one door with the mark of earth on it. The other door looked rather odd, it was a mark that was not familiar to her. She was not sure who else lived with her here, but she wanted to find out. Just as her gaze turned to the rest of the room her eyes met with another man, he was diffrent from the one before. His eyes were icy blue, and almost had an odd glow to them. The hair on this man was long and white, as his body shape was average. The mans eyes almost looked dead, they were very cold the complete oposite to the man earlier. A moment passed before she even dared saying hi,
" Umm Hi I am new here and.."
Her words were interupted as he spoke,
"I do not care for new gods nor old"
The voice of the male was hard and cold as ice, he turned around walking out of the room leaving Umi alone once more. 
"Don't mind him he is just grumpy he has always been like that"
Another man had entered the room,  his eyes were a bit darker then the man before. He had long gray hair, that was pushed back towards his neck. He had a kind smile as he approached her, 
"I do apolegize for him he is not used to many peoples around here nor new gods".
He approached her as he took her hand and shook it, 
"Im Boulder nice to meet you"
She was a bit stunned by his friendlyness since the other one barley looked at her, 
"Uh Hi Im Ut...Umi"
She stopped her words before changing it, she feelt a bit sad as she did it. 
"It takes some time getting used to it I know".

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