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I just wasn't enough...

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Everytime he kisses you. My kisses meant more. My kisses were soft and loving but hard and meaningful when it was needed.

Everytime he holds you. I held you closer,tighter and with feeling.

Everytime he looks at you. I looked at you with love, not just for your looks or body but because I loved the way you looked when you were doing nothing at all. I loved watching you sleep. With your little noises and how you cwtched closer.

Everytime he lays with you. I lay with you because I loved you, I showed you my love by the way I touched you and kissed you and by everything else I did.

I loved you for your flaws, for the side you showed me and no one else. For all your silly voices. For all your silly faces you pulled. I loved you for your smile and how your eyes shone when you were genuinely happy. I loved you for you. But it wasn't enough.

Now as I lay,kiss,hold and touch someone. I will love them just as I loved you. But this time it will be enough....

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