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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Imagine this…

You just got off the plane in italy, your tired so you go to the beach to relax. A handsome young boy,who looks your age, walks past. For a moment, that felt like forever, everything just stopped. You could hear you heart skip a beat as his sky blue eyes meet yours. Your start to feel really hot and struggle to keep your eyes of him.

“Hey..” said a rather mesmerising, sexy voice, “ Liam, wanna go grab a drink?”

“Sure, Im _____ (your name)””

You walk along the sandy beach until you reach a small cafe. You both order an iced coffee, he insists on paying.

You find yourself staring deep into his eyes as he talks and it seems like you're the only ones there, everyone else just disappears.

You have so much in common it's as if it was your fate to be with each other. You talk for hours and hours. When the cafe shut you went over to his house. He lived on his own in a beautiful modern house at the top of the cliff in the countryside. Alll your thinking about is touching his body. As he bites his lip feel a tingle run through your body it feels like his gentle hands slowly trace from the side of your neck down the your waist. You want him so bad. He walks up behind you and kisses your neck. He picks you up and he carries you to his room where he then lays you down on a pure white double bed. You bite your lip as he forces himself on you. Wow! Who knew sex was so good? He starts to undo the buttons on your shirt as you undo his. He throws all of yours and his clothes on the floor out of the way. Your both left in your underwear. He squeezes your boobs, it feels so good. He undos your bra.

“_____ (your name), your so beautiful!” he whispers.

You take off your pants and open your leg. You're so wet!

As his  pants drop to the silky carpet and he lays down with you, you start to rub his penis to make it hard. You suck it. He moans. He starts to stroke your vagina. You feel the tingle again but this time it’s better! He spits on his hands to make them wet and rubs you harder, picking up speed. You moan as an orgasm starts. It feels so good!! His finger slides into your vsgina, you love it! He jumps onto you. Pushes you hands to the side of the bed and enters his erect penis into your wet pussy!

“HARDER. FASTER.” you yell as he starts to hump you.

Sex is amazing!



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